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March Madness

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Hello everyone

I have been reading the March captains log and the forums in repose to the log, so here is my two pence worth

First of all I understand this is an alpha game, and I dont like having to start again but i do understand that it is the only way to remove some bug and make the game better going forward. Im a PvE server player and I have to say the ideas for the game changes are not well thought out, I have a few ideas for alternative ways forward

1,. As you are putting more islands in and changing the map, an idea would be to put pre-set small areas on the island ( districts county's provinces zones call them what you want ) in these area there will already be a claim flag for the players to claim. This way all the land on the island can be used with no over lapping claims and no wasted land that can not be claimed.

2. Limit the number of claim flags per player to 3 or 4. In this way you could have a larger piece of land on one island or other claims in different sectors of the map. you would have to use your limited number of claims wisely. You could also make these areas transferable between players, with all building on that land going to the new owner.

3. Reduce the resource spawn radius to minimum, so no player in the adjacent area can grief your resource spawn by building on the area border

4. Reduce the claim timer to 7 days, possible upkeep also

5. Get people off the lawless islands so they can be used as intended, as a stepping stone out into the big wide world. Limit the shipyard size to medium. Have a1 or 2 day limit that is free to build, then the upkeep starts, and doubles every 12 hours

6. Extra content should not be limited to players that have defeated a boss, this would make it impossible for small or individual company's to access them. This content could be limited to the players level. No access if your under level 50

That a few of my ideas, I hope you like some of them :)



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