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Price for upkeeping island

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Price for upkeeping island will depend on the amount of companies wich are on your island and amout of buildings wich they have.

My guy from the company has 5 accounts with atlas. He will set 10 buildings from 4 companies and he will pay less for the island. Devs, really? Yo are making other ways to cheats and exploits. How many wipes do you need to make this game stable? It looks you have no idea how to make this.

- 25% buff to explosives against stone structures

I remember patch 15.61:
- Increasing explosive damage to stone structures by 2.5x.
- Increasing seige structure damage to stone structures by 60%
- Stone Structures crafting costs have been increased by adding metal cost and changing fiber requirement to organic paste, which requires both fiber and sap to craft

This patch stared first wipe in the history of this game.

When people said enough devs started unnerfing game:

- Stone Structures crafting costs have decreased by reducing the metal cost by 55% and reducing the organic paste requirement by 25%


- Alpha Creature damage has been reduced by 50%
- Alpha Creature resistance has been reduced by 50%
- Alpha Creatures are now 25% less common

They even add SAP on Thundra! They said that everywhere excluding freeports but of course on freeports sap was also available.

When it became that players amount is very low, devs began to pretend that they are listening to players:


- Stone Structures resistance to explosive and siege damage types increased by 45%
- Stone Structure SAP crafting requirements changed to fiber.
- The weight of all items have been reduced by 30% globally

After this increasing and decreasing I can't believe that they are able to balance this game. The only thing we can be shure are next wipes.

They are talking about this underwater world since 2 months. Now i will need to collect all powerstones and kill kraken to be able to drive submarine.
They are adding 5 skins, 1 submarine and 1 animal instead of focusing on the basic aspects of the game that are unbalanced or at least add a few animals to land, not one for those who defeated the kraken.

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