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Okay Atlas your February numbers are in...

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In a continuation to last months post "Well, January numbers are in..." 

Lets see how Atlas is doing in the month of February. But before we do lets recap the theme of the Jan post. The main subject was a warning that the devs are going in a direction that the players don't like. And as a method of communicating that they are leaving. In summation the first month of January saw a drop of aprox 1/3 of the entire player base (12,673 average players). Now lets see if the devs have noticed this and decided to adjust course to correct the hemorrhaging of players. 

Method: https://steamcharts.com/app/834910

Last 30 Days 11,847.4 -14,794.4 -55.53%



So it looks like course adjustments in game philosophy has not taken place or has been ineffective. As a result The game has in fact increased the rate of losing players. Of the remaining players after the January loss, more than half of the average player base has stopped playing. That is an astonishing number. The first month saw a loss of 12k players this month has seen almost 15k leave. 

Now just like the first January post many might believe this is normal or even to be expected for EA games. This is flatly not true. Ark not only didn't lose any players in the first it gained. The second month it head steady with a small increase in players as well. The following months it did decrease in small percentages going up some months and down in others. But not in the magnitude of Atlas.

Again I will warn the devs this ship is about to sink. Or has already. Can you readjust your game design philosophy and save it or is this the next DnL?


What do you think? 

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I don't think we're anywhere near the bottom.

Not sure what the devs thought they had going that would survive the stupid shit they have pulled, but nope.


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