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Hey everyone,

We are running a 5x5 server, but the server we have couldn't handle the 5x5 so we turned off the outer grids of the map E1 -E5 and A5, B5, C5 and D5. We are in the process to start up another server to make these 9 Grids active. Problem found when testing this is that once you sail into one of these grids and you sail back into one of the grids that has been active since start all your Crew Mutiny on the ship instantly. So what i have figured out is that time stands still on the offline grids and once you sail into them , it change the Day to a much earlier state that the other grids .

Does anyone know how to change the time on these grids so it is in sync to the grids that have been active since the start ?

We would like to not have to wipe the server...

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I too am seeing day/night time differences between my grids as well. This must be a DEV bug. My server has been up for 2 months and it wasn't until recent did we start noticing this issue.

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cheat GridUTCResetTimeOfDay sync the Grid UTC Time...

But the Age dont change that...when you "die" on the Grid with wrong Age and respawn you have die right age...the static age save in .ocean or redis (HC) i think...age debuff is deactivat by Grapeshot...i see no reason to cry...

Take you hanky and wait for fix...

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Or turn aging off on your servers until the fix:

In your \ShooterGame\Saved\00\Config\WindowsServer\Game.ini:


Only works for newly created/spawned characters. If you do it with existing characters their ages will turn crazy. I went to 4000 yrs old once. Heh. You don't have to recreate, just die and respawn.

As far as synching the servers, there's a line in your ServerGrid.json:

"Day0": "2019-02-23 17:05:21"

Every grid in the server should have a matching line.

Edited by Christopher Blackfrost

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