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So before anyone freaks out.  No not sugestiing things that would replace a ship by any means.

Below are some size comparisons and some specifics to each size.

@Jatheish @Dollie


All Airships 

-Require fuel Oil, Coal something to run. Similar to the diving apparatus. 

-Airships can be parked on land or in water with a similar system to ship anchoring,  But can not move like a ship in water.

-When flying, airships are affected like ships and sails except there are no sails, the ship heading acts like the sail and is what is affected by the winds.

-Crew could be required to keep engines/fuel moving. or the player has to do this.  Engine can only hold X amount of fuel,  crew could move the fuel from a fuel box into the engine/s


-Hull area - same as a ships, if its damaged airship will sink in water.

-Balloon area - allows for flight, when damaged airship cant fly as high/begins to descend. destroyed airship falls and takes fall damage hitting ground destroyed, Hitting water stuck in the water.

-Engines - Allow for propulsion. Damaged airship moves slower or not at all.




Dingy size - Short range, not really capable of server to server travel.  Limited to 500lbs


Sloop personnel Transport - Fastest of the airships. (Speed of a scooner ship) Weight 1000 upgradeable to 3000)



Schooner size - Light cargo Transport. Ment for iner-server travel. Island Hopper. Starts around 3000lbs upgradeable to around 5000.



Brig Size - Server to server transport - Starts around 6000lbs upgradeable to 9000.



Galleon Size Massive Transport, Slower than the rest, Highest weight - 12000-18000.


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Would be very cool to have, but it raises a ton of game play issues.

Currently you have to climb to find stuff at the top of many mountains. Or you have to do a lot of searching for that one way up that can be walked. An airship would completely remove that part of the game. Currently you can also use the glider suit to fly, but it does not fly up, only glides, so is of limited use.

Would the airships just allow you to fly right over all the SotD and avoid all hazards on the ground or on the water (similar to what they do in ARK). In ARK they added low stamina and slowed the flyers down to make them not be the end all of travel. Once you can fly over stuff, you pretty much avoid all travel on the ground if at all possible. This removes a large part of the game play. Wouldn't airships just become like the Quetzal in ARK before it was nerfed?

They could make them very difficult to obtain, but that to me is like dangling a carrot in front of you and when you reach for it, they pull it away.

I do think they plan to add airships, but don't know how they are going to fit into the game. I think the game needs a lot more content before something is added that effectively removes a lot of content from the game by its addition.

BTW, I'm expecting there will be mods very soon that add at least one airship. I for one can't wait to try one of these out 🙂

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Would not be surprised to see airships added at some point. The lore already has them in the past and pathfinders will continue to find and reuse the old tech. 

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GOD NO please go play last oasis keep that crap off of atlas.  This will in my opinion destroy the game, but I think the sotd are stupid and should actually be aggressive wandering NPC galleons, schooner, brigs, and sloops with npc crews.


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I've been asking for airships since day 1, after all they were in the original rendering of the game but they did look horrendous. Personally I think they should go down  the airships steampunk road, I mean we have got a steampunk sub already. And as for making people leave with airships and fast travel etc, well, they've left already.

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Everyone needs to go on the ARk Steampunk mod workshop page and tell the guys to port over his mod to atlas. Atlas is the perfect setting for steampunk


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