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Decay Timers too Slow for Abandoned Ships

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The issue with server lag and land claims has a lot to do with an over abundance of abandoned Rafts, Sloops, and Skooners. This issue effects most claimed lands, Power stone Islands, and Lawless islands. Rafts are the worst with this because of the amount of health they have and the slowness of decay. It can take up to 1.5 months for a Raft to sink. This is causing a lot of land in the lawless regions to not be buildable, and inaccessible to anchor. Rafts, Sloops, and Skooners are still clogging up power stone islands and causing disconnects and server lag. And this is also being used to grieve other players by blockading companies into their own land and not being able to sail or access their ship yards. 

I have addressed this issue before in my post on how to balance the claim flag system here. 

Here is the lines that pertain to this issue. 



As you can see this will address these issues and also help with server lag and clutter. 

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Hey, you just gave me an idea, my neighbors keep complaining about my taxes and I keep complaining back that they have great water fronts. What would look better in thier front yard, rafts or dinghys? That could be viewed as taxation with representation.

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