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The Cecaelia, Sea Witches of the Deep

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Well, there's already mermaids in Atlas...so why not their more obscure equivalent, the cecaelia?

They could be hostile sea witches (Yes, just like in The Little Mermaid.) who are typically very predatory towards players unless you have a slain mermaid's heart (new item) on your person. If you do, they may be willing to barter with you and offer a variety of services, including a temporary tame. Unlike mermaids, they would be capable of traversing on land...but are slower than when they're in the natural environment.

--------------- DISCLAIMER ---------------

I currently have satellite with a whopping 1.0 Mbps internet speed, so I can't play Atlas and, currently, have to live vicariously through watching others. The details below are subject to being completely impractical and imbalanced due to specifics that I'm unaware of...so take that into mind while reading. This is all based upon someone on the outside looking in, hoping to eventually be on the inside...one day...someday...hopefully. Ultimately, this thread is just to add cecaelia, in whatever form that may take...likely much less complex than what's detailed below even if they're considered.

--------------- DISCLAIMER ---------------

Natural Abilities:


This ability works differently depending upon whether or not the cecaelia is under water.

  • If they are under the water, they will produce a plume of black ink that makes it impossible for anyone within the cloud to see. Although this can affect larger groups of players, the effect immediately wears off once players leave the cloud.
  • If they are not under the water, the cecaelia will expel their ink in a projectile spray, attempting to directly target an individual's eyes...blinding them for x duration.

Note: This ink is expelled from their mouths.


The cecaelia has a grappling attack that utilizes their eight tentacles to envelop small enough prey, including humanoids. This attack can potentially knock a target out, allowing them to drag unconscious players from land into the ocean depths to feed upon...or deeper into the depths if it's initiated within the ocean to begin with. If on land, they'll wrap you up and drag you away by using their humanoid arms to crawl across the ground with you in tow.

Passive Water Breathing:

As one might expect, the cecaelia can breathe under water.

Passive Air Breathing:

As one might expect, the cecaelia can breathe on land.

Passive Fast Swimming:

As one might expect, the cecaelia is an extremely agile swimmer.

Passive Mermaid Tracking:

Cecaelia are proficient mermaid hunters, capable of sensing their presence from a considerable distance. The purpose of this will be explained within the "services" section.

Sea Magic:


The cecaelia conjures forth a small typhoon, the effects of which are pretty common knowledge. The more cecaelia within the area, the larger and more dangerous the storm can be...

Red Tide:

The cecaelia creates a massive algal bloom toxic to all life, including humans. Not only will this cause issues to any within the water, but the toxins released end up in the air, causing various effects upon inhalation. Likely, this would be a slow damage over time and decreased lung capacity.

Kiss of the Abyss:

The Kiss of the Abyss could be considered a blessing...or a curse, depending upon how you look at it. Those affected by this strange ability are mutated in a way that makes them more suited to an aquatic existence. Visually, they develop gills upon their throat, larger lips, oddly-colored skin, and bugged out fish-eyes similar to Deep Ones from H.P. Lovecraft mythos. For the duration of the change, they can swim X% faster and breathe under water...but they dehydrate much faster when not submerged within the ocean or fresh water. Thankfully, salt-water can be drank just as easily as fresh and staying submerged nullifies the need to drink at all...until the mutation wears off, of course.

Furthermore, this effect is applied automatically if grappled by a cecaelia, as they prefer to feed upon live prey in the comfort of the ocean depths...so they need to make sure you're still wiggling by the time they get down there. They can, however, imbue this curse from a moderate distance as well...just for giggles.

Services: (+x mermaid hearts per tier)

  • T-1: Gold: The cecaelia will gladly trade hearts for gold.
  • T-2: Kiss of the Abyss: The cecaelia will administer the Kiss of the Abyss, at an extended duration.
  • T-3: Temporary Tame: The cecaelia will serve you on your adventures, or to procure more hearts for their final ware.
  • T-5: Elixir of Youth: The cecaelia will provide a fountain of youth alternative to your aging plight.

Cecaelia are capable of creating an elixir of youth in exchange for x mermaid hearts. This addresses an issue brought up in the following thread by providing an alternative means of regaining your character's youth that's more practical and less lag-inducing...but could still be a very daunting quest. Unlike the Fountain of Youth, the elixir won't provide you with any sort of stat boost...but can be obtained earlier on in your life.


Potential lore could be that cecaelia are, in fact, humans who were drowned by mermaids only to then be "saved" by some dark primordial-deity of the abyss...who gave them the chance to avenge themselves and hunt down the creatures who robbed them of their former lives. Granted great power over the seas, and forms attuned to an aquatic existence, they are then set forth to act on behalf of this enigmatic entity who's desires remain unknown. Their fate explains what they desire, and why they are so willing to quell their hunger in exchange for something a little more succulent.


This is just something fun that's highly unlikely, but it would be neat if there was an absurdly-rare chance of becoming a cecaelia, if you were killed by a mermaid.

If this were to happen, it could be interesting to gain access to a new discipline involving sea magic...where you could gain the powers listed above, and perhaps lesser powers not utilized by the NPC versions. Until you do, you would simply start out with the natural abilities of the cecaelia and the extra ability to take on your previously human form at will...for obvious reasons. I imagine it would be an option where you are given the choice between death or rebirth by this enigmatic entity of the depths...and perhaps it would come with some penalties to balance out the new life you now lead. For example, perhaps a weakness to fire? An increased dehydration rate? I don't know, maybe weaknesses wouldn't even be needed.

I expect that, beyond the enjoyment of being such...it could open up a lot of role playing possibilities where you have a group working to eradicate the seas of these elusive invaders hiding under plain sight...witch-hunters and the like...whereas pirates would employ them for their mystical capabilities. ...or perhaps imprison and enslave them for the same reasons. It would be even cooler if you could customize your appearance as a cecaelia just as you would upon your initial character gen, but that's a stretch beyond a stretch beyond a stretch...heh.

Anyway, just a thought! Enjoy the rant.

Attached are just two random examples of cecaelia obtained via a simple Google search, to help with visualization:


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