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Declarations & Treaties

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I would like to suggest a system for declaring war and entering into treaties between companies. These could be used for making declarations such as declaring war on another company which could make the enemy company's claims, ships, and crew have different colored tags or something. It could also be used to provide a buff or benefit of some kind to promote ship to ship battle if it were a system where both parties agreed to the war declaration. An example would be to make enemy shipwrecks out in the open ocean provide 100% of the materials when salvaged, or allow the claiming of enemy crew or tames when at war. In a system where both parties agreed on the war declaration, it could even be used on the PvE servers to spice things up a bit without ruining it for those not interested in conflict. A new war system in PvE would increase the need for supplies and bring about a new need for trade where the role playing community could supply materials for war and watch their efforts brought to bear against others, all while remaining untouchable and safe. Declarations could also require a specific outcome to be invalidated, such as a treaty granting them ownership of ships, claims, tames, crew, gold, etc. This type of system would bring much needed meaning to the game. Players in companies actively engaged in war would be much more likely to log in and play as well. Another use for declarations would be to declare an embargo or boycott against another company, so their members and possibly alliance members would be able to see the declaration. Treaties themselves could take on much meaning as well, such as for the trade of one commodity for another. A treaty could be signed between two companies to exchange a ship or land for gold, etc. They could also be used when the commodity is to cumbersome to trade all at once, such as trading 100,000 darkwood, and the treaty wont be fulfilled and paid until all the necessary goods have been deposited at the buyers tax bank or something. There are many uses for a system like this, and it would be able to grow and mature with the game. If the developers would simply entertain the idea, I'm sure the community could come up with some extremely suggestions on how a system could be implemented.

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