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WTF is the point of creating a bug report?

I've tried this game out again and it still won't let me on any servers, from day ONE.  I tried being nice, I tried to help troubleshoot, but the developers are absolutely useless.  Never buying a game from anyone related to...

- Studio Wildcard
- Instinct Games
- Efecto Studios
- Virtual Basement LLC or
- Grapeshot Games

... EVER AGAIN!   I'll also be strictly discouraging anyone else from doing so through my website, YouTube streams, and social media pages.  This company has no idea how to create and manage a game.  I should have learned my lesson with their failures in Ark.  If the full team couldn't create a decently running game with a properly moderated multiplayer then there's no friggin way a small part of that team would be able to do anything decent in an MMO environment.  I don't see the official servers for this game staying online longer than a year.  What a failure.


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