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Atlas Unofficial Links - Fansites, Tools & More

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The following is a collection of known links to unofficial Atlas fan sites and utilities.

If there is a website I have not listed or have missed some info regarding a site, please post a reply and I'll add it.


Atlas Calculator - A skill tree calculator. - Added 2/23/19
Atlas Trade Helper System - Forum Link - A small web application to assist traders in finding other traders. - Added 2/23/19
Atlas Map Web Application - Forum Link - A dynamic Atlas map showing a variety of details including players per server. - Added 2/23/19
Atlas Public Stockade - Forum Link - Uses the public Atlas ban list to display Steam info about those banned from Atlas. - Added 2/23/19


A-CALC Taming & Companion Tools - Forum Link - Android tool to assist in taming. - Added 2/23/19
ArkPnt - Updated for Atlas. Used to convert .pnt files to .png and back again. - Added 2/23/19
Ark Paint Converter  - Updated for Atlas. Used to convert .pnt files to .png and back again. - Added 2/23/19

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Posted (edited)

The beta version is on live :  https://globy.dev/

Pls, understand that is a beta version, I'll upgrade it soon, I'm still a student so I don't have much time to work on 

The web-app help you to tame, know how good your animal is, where does he put his points stats.
It's a dododex's like, but for Atlas.

Here are some errors :

- The "food needed", "time" and all for taming aren't 100% correct, I'm working on a better calculation.
- "Weight" isn't correct on the Horse.
- "Time between each food" on the Shieldhorn isn't correct (and so time/bolas).
- "Lime" is missing on Bear.

- Some images for animals are missing, I still need to cut out them.
- Images of animals are too big (size) for small connection, need to reduce the size.
- Responsive, especially on phone doesn't work perfectly, need to rework it.
- Table with food show a blue line, it isn't intended, I will do a better Table intime.
- Page404 is missing.
- Routing error.

- Design

Technologies :

- Server Side : NodeJs / MongoDB
- Client Side : VueJs / Element UI


Please, if you see some error, weird things, bad english, send me a message here or MP.
Tell me if you like the result, how should I improve it, what do you like to see  

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