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How to find discovery locations

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I am searching for discovery locations using spy glass. 

I noticed, that if you go away from the islnd, outside of rendering distance, then trees and resources will fade awayand you can better see discoveries which usually hiddent behind trees.

I figured, that night time is better as discovery are more visible (glowing) and you will not miss location even if it is only partically visible.


Still , I can't find all of them. What am I missing?


Example: I went to I12

there are 3 islands (1 dp each)

Then I get on my ship and run around island finding locations spots.

Then I came ashore and climbed on mountains top and watched from there.

I found all discoveries but 3rd and 4th.

So, I found: following locations:

What's Left of the Rapier
The Heartless Atoll
Rapier's Outpost
Pesky Dan's Needle
Coxswain's Refuge
Cottletry Cay
Berthierfell Key

I can't find two those:

Rocks of Old
Rest Spot


QUESTION 1: Why  I am not finding them? What I am not doing?

QUESTION 2: can discovery spot be in the open ocean away from the islands? 


P.S. this is not first zone where I am missing several locations... really appreaciate tips and advise

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from what i saw they are mostly statues or some kind like that with a very small shield radius. But even if you manage to find them in most cases they wont trigger anyway because you need to place a chair (but you cant in claimed territory) or need to be ko´d to get them ..

i quit doing discoveries until they fix that shit


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thanks, I did not knew that.


What kind of landmark discoveries exists at all?

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With 500+ discoveries found now, I can honestly say it's a frustrating endeavor at times, sometimes the spyglass doesnt show, and sometimes it only shows at certain distances. I'd love it if they did shorter beams instead that were visible with the spyglass.

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And then there's a distinct chance when they wipe the servers all your efforts getting these discovery points will go out the window. It is a really demotivating system. 

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