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Captain_ Pugwash

Practically unplayable

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On k7  Sirens Call since last Friday the game has just become a joke it is practically unplayable. 

Play for 20 minutes then spend 10 minutes trying desperately to get back on hoping the ship hasn't crashed or your tame has died , we had probably 20 on grid usually now people are logging in and asking if anything has got better (and probably reset timers) only to get booted out before anyone can answer or will be able to stay on long enough to hear the answer nope.

Peoples tames are dying of starvation ships are sinking as the crew have starved or mutinied  , ticket after ticket has been sent in and all anyone gets is the same generic response which could be shortened to two words "don't care" .

This game has the potential to be bigger and better than Ark but once again the devs just aren't listening ,not acting on what people are saying and is starting to feel like they've duped us into another cash grab 

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