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PC Patch Notes - Community: V25.2

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 patch notes

Please note these Patchnotes are not Real , This Patchnotes are Ideas  It Will not be in the next patch but IF You Like IT Give me an UPVOTE Share The Thread and Dont be Toxic    ❤️ And English ist NOOOOT my native language

V25 - Maybe Sometime?

Community Patch V25.2   (Fixed a lot of Text Errors 😄, Added some Pictures )

-New Feature
1.Crew Manager
-Renamed the "Tame Group" Button to "Crew Manager"
Crew Manager checks now the area around you for animals, crewmember and useable Object and bring it to a list where you can give orders, set  behavior or mounting/dissmounting Cannons/Sails  by simple clicks. No more frustating whistle´s and missclicks and wrong orders to Animals or Crew.


Intoducing the new Skillbook.
We add on every skill tree now unique powerfull Skill´s but know you have to choose between 3 skills(actives or passive Skills) gives you special Abilitys for this skill tree.
Now you can choose strong bonus for your playstyle.

In the end of every skilltree u can unlock 1 Ultimate Passive Skill give u a "Master" of this skill tree. Mastering of a Skilltree will removed the minigame from Tools or Weapon.
Animals have now a small skill tree (Active Skills for the Right Attack Slot or passive Bonuses. Attack slots explained in "Combat Redesign")  with his own unique skills where u can choose the Playstyle for your Animal. You can Unlock the Skills by Leveling your Pet up. If you Tamed a Higher Level Animals some skills are already Unlocked.

Example Wolfs Active Skill Unlock ... [Howl] Give a Buff for 30 sec give a 5% more Dmg . Every Wolf in an area around join the Howl and Stacks the Buff to an max stack of 20% Cooldown 2 Min

Bear [ Berserk ] Your Bear are in an Bloodlust for 10 Sec. The Single Target Bite gives now a chance of an Bleeding effect. Cooldown 2 min

The Skills you Chose will block the Right Attack Slots you have to chose your Playstyle.

-Moved a lot of "Dmg Buff or Heal Buffs from the Beastmaster Tree (i.e. Natural Touch) to the Animal Skill Trees as Unlockable Skills

Add new Skilltree link<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< It´s not ready :,(


3.Simple "E" System
We removed the Stupid blue weel of Disorientation and added a "Simple E" system
Now every Cannon or Structure or useable Object have a simple Funktion and the "Inventory Option"
If u go to the Ladder and press  E you Climp up or Jump from the ladder.
If u want mount a Cannon Press E and so on.
Now if u want some changes on your Object like Renaming, Gear your Crew you have to Hold "E" and u see the "E" Icon fills up now its opening an Inventory with diverses options and stats from that Object




Here the Simple "Hold E" Inventory for your Tames



4.Respawn Rework
-We reworked the Bedspawn system for some balance and join/immersions Improvements.
Now every spawn on a Bed gives you a cooldown from 60 sec , the cooldown starting after u click the spawn Button u will be locked to that spawn and u have to wait 60 Sec  befor you spawn at this Bed.

But the Character will already set in the Location but is invisible and can´t move .

In the 60 Sec you wait all the Structures and Object will be loaded in the Spawnloactions. No more popping in of Structures/Objects on respawn and don´t breaks the immersion anymore ... yeay 🙂
 If u get killed in PVP or use the Fast Travel to quick adds more Time for the Cooldown.

Aaaand Sorry one more balance change we made. Fast Travel works only on the Grid you are.



5.New Render Engine System
-New Render Priority
In this Order Terrain, Structures and Ships,  Animals,  Players.

Hopefully fixing the Animal falling through Bug

6.Render Improvement
-Far low Level of Detail of Structures like and Shipyard or Gate are Simple Cubes and Ships with low colors  and its little bit blurry.
 If u get in medium Range u get more level Details and if u get closer the "normal" LOD is shown. 
 No more  empty space on the horizon and close instant spawn of strucures! You can see on Top of the Mountain far Ships sailing by but not much Details only a silhouette.

We hope to keep up the Immersion without Hard performance lose and u can see that Player Structures are build on an Island or not.  

-HUD Optimisations
1.Removed the dump Information Window when aiming an any NPC/Structure in the middle of the Screen and moved to the left Bottom as an static window.

This window give you now all Important Information if you Aiming on an Object but don´t block your vision anymore.

-Removed the Mortar Ammo Icon from the Ammo overview from Ships.
-Ammo Overview will now shown in the Information Window
-Added Health bar from the ship in the Information Window when you on the Steering Wheel
-Removed the Weapon Percentage Numbers from all Weapons and gives them Hard Numbers. i.e.  Sword "Damage 30". Tools keep the Effetiveness Stats.


-Added a Buff Button in the Inventory near the Character Stats that shown what Buff and the Information from that Buff/Debuff. Only the Buff icons will be shown on the Bottom right in the  Normal View
-Healthbars from Planks only shown if you have the Repair hammer equiped
-Added The Buff you  get from a small animal  in the Information Window(Need a Skill Unlock in Beastmaster "I know all Animals"
-Added The Food Animals love (for Taming) in the Information Window (need a Skill in Beastmaster)
-Removed the "Last slot for Food on Tames" and added a Food slot near the Information Window (its only will shown up if you Skill in Taming)
-Added The Typ of Ressource u can harvest from Objects you aiming on in the Information Window ( in the Past it was "H")   Needs a Skill to unlock in Survival Tree ( Knowlege of Ressources)
-Removed the Hitmarker. If you Hit a Target the healthbar shown above the Animal/Player/Ship and shows how much Health he have left for a small time (4 Sec)
(Ships Healthbar is the ammount of Health every Plank and Shipdeck have.) 
-Removed the Steam Name and Player on a Server from Steam integration and Join Notifications because everyone don´t like get Tracked, and the server don´t get killed by some Tracking Bots.
We added the Bounty System on can set Bounty on Player Pathfinder Names/Companys
-The Pathfinder Name is now YOUR Name not 123 or ???.  And Your Steam Friends are not more 123 ... no more 30 friends in Steam called 123 😉

-Change the Meele Damage percent % in Inventory to an Hard Number ( Meele Damage : 50  . Now its easyer to see how much Damage an Animal or NPC can deal.



-Redesined the Crosshair´s for Range Weapons

Bow have now High orientaition lines with dot´s in mid  


Pistols have an small white Crosshair 


Thounderbuster have a Cirlce  


Carabines  a small Dot  




-Stats and Blueprint Redesing
-Added New Stats "Damage Reduction" Armor Gives you now an Damage Reduction shown in your Character Inventory.Every Point in Fortitude gives you also a small percent Damage Reduction (Hard Caped to 30% only boostable with shields and Shield Skills)
-Changed the Stats Stamina to an "Percent Stats" Easyer to Understand what is much Stamina or what is Less Stamina. Example  ... Tamed a Bear with 115% Stamina or Tamed a Bear with 1234 Stamina?


-Added a new Stats "Splash"

Splash shown  on Ammunition or AOE Attacks from Animals skills  an give you an Information feedback what the Cannonball deal Splash damage or not  [I.E. Medium Cannonball 50% Splash, Larg Cannonball 0% Splash]

-Stats Bonus you gain from Gear or Buffs shown as an Green Number (Health:140 +10) onside the Stats (RPG Like, simple and easy to understand)
-We removed the Stupid 0.001 Stats or Cooldowns Numbers the lowest number is now 1. And opimized the Stats on Gear, Animals and NPC´s. No one want to spent a 0.001 statsboost.
-Removed the Common Blueprints from Tools and moved to the Survival Skilltree (Advanced Tools" Higher Tools Blueprints needs a Skill to Craft and use.
Blueprints have now more constant Bonuses (+Inteligenc boost)

Common (100%-115%(+max 10% Int Bonus)

Fine (115%-135%)

Journeyman (135%-165)



Myhtic (300%-400%)


- New Structure

-Organ ( because i love the movie scene in Pirates of the Caribbean where Davy Jones playing Music on the Ship) (placeable only on Brigs,Galleons or Foundation get the Same Buffs but longer Duration because i only want to play this Instrument ;))  )

-Medium Wood Wall (Size fits to the medium Gate)
-Medium Stone Wall (size is it fits to the medium Gate)
-Larg Stone Wall (size is its fits to the Large Gate)
-Advanced Stone Wall ->New "Ultimative" Stone Wall with more Metal Decorations thats looks more like a deffence Wall now.It  Needs Gold bar (New rare Alloy Gold Bar, the ressources you need are on Golden Age Ruins  and the Ultimate Skill  from the Consturcion Tree have to unlocked)
  (The Cost of the Walls are the same if you place the 1x1 wall´s but have more Health)

-Stalls!!!  😄
-small Stalls  (3x4 Foundation)(can hold 10 Tames ) Only Tier 1
-Medium Stalls (6x8 Foundation) can hold 25 Tames) Only Tier 1 and Tier 2
-Larg Stalls (8x12 Foundation) can hold 50 Tames) All Tiers
You can Accsess the Stalls Inventory and there is a List with the Animals Stored in them. When you click on an animal it will be spawned in the Stalls , a Gate will open and the animals waiting there for his owner. If you want to store an animal you have to open the Gate, ride the animal in an now you can Store it in the Stalls) Watch out an Elephant will never fit in the small Stalls  😉

-Cannon Tower (Company Unlock)
-Castle (Company Unlock)
-Reservoir Storage ( in the past Ressource Box,  Can only placed on Foundations)

Now you can Store your NPC´ Crews but you give them Some Grog and Steak to stay in your little Clubhouse but the Goldcost are less as fuck now 😉
Small Tavern can Hold up 15 NPCs (Foundation Size  3x4)
Medium Tavern Hold 40 NPCs (5x5)
Large Tavern hold 150 Npcs (6x8)


-Breeding Nest  (small Tier 1,     Medium Tier 2 ,    Larg Tier 3 )
We love breeding and growing up your little fluffy war pets but we chose an other way for breeding.
-Removed the Biom condition of heat and cold for breeding. Now you have to build up a Breeding nest. But That your Animal realy feels like in their natural Bioms u need to fill the nest with Fibers and Thatch from the Biome where you have tamed the Animal.
We reduced the breeding time to 3hour Realtime .
But your Pet have to sit 12 Hours in the Nest befor the Baby animal get born. (Now Breeding is more Manageable 😉


-Cargo Dock for Ships
We love the Idea of Transporting Ships, but a big empty ship with one Ressource box feels sad.
Cargo Docks fill up the lower Deck from the Ships and used the same function from the Ship ressource Box before it. (Ressource Box will now slight nerved) Now u must choose between a Battle Ship with gunports or a Transport Ship.
Cargo Docks will reduce the Wight of the Ressources their carry
Schooner Small Cargo Dock 15 Item Slots (max Stack per Slot 10.000)
Brig Medium Cargo Slot      35 Item Slots  ( Max Stack per Slot 25.000)
Galleon Larg Cargo Slot    75 Item Slots   (Max Stack per Slot  65.000)


-Animal Dock For Ships
The Animal Dock´s consum the Lower Deck and comes with a Ramp for Loading in and Loading Out your Animals because we don´t allow Animals on the Topdeck anymore 😞 they are glitching to much around.
On the Ships now u can Store Animals to snap point on the Ships
Schooner "Small Animal Dock"   Can hold   [3x Tier 1]   Animals  or  [1x Tier 2]
Brigantine "Medium Animal Dock"    Can hold [6x Tier 1] Animals    or [3x Tier 2]   or    [1x Tier 3]
Galleon "Larg Animal Dock"       Can hold [9x Tier 1]  Animals   [6x Tier 2],   or    [3x Tier 3 Animals]


-Company Archievmend Unlock´s
-We removed the Sea Claims and bring a new  Claim System into the Game.

-Now Every Company Start with 1 Company Flag (can placed from the Company Window) for claiming a part of the Island.

We increase the Size of the Circle for give some more place to build.

If ur Company grows up u gain one more Company Flag . to an Max count to 50 Flags. (every 5 Players joins the Company u archieved one more unlock.) 5 Players 1 Flag 10 Players 2 Flag to an hard cap of 50 Flags/500Player)

But we chose the attacking claim system whats aktuall is in the Game but you have Maintain the Company Flags

If u Attack an enemy Base place a Flag(5 min Cooldown for the Attack Flag) in the Company Flag Circle the Claiming attack starts and works like the actual claim system. More Flags u have so faster is the enemy claim. So Big Companys have more space to build but loose it faster and need an active Playerbase for maintain all the Flags. Small Companys can deffend their Territory longer and have an easyer way for Maintain their Baseflag. (If you Not Maintain a Flag...Your Claim circle turns grey and your Structures will get damage over Time... so unused/Inactive island will be cleard up and give some place for new players)

We added more Unlocks to the Company achievement system  for give small Boosts on smaller Tribes and make the managment of an Great Tribe easyer.
5 = 1 Flag
10 = 1 Flag Buffs every Player in own Territory ( Increase Health Regen. Decreased Vitamin Cost. decreased the Overwight movement penetration )
15  =1 Flag
20  =1 Flag Unlock Taxiation Bank
25 =1 Flag ( every 5 Player one more Flag i dont  counting  up anymore 😄 )
40 = Crew Cost less gold p/h in own Territory
60 = Unlock Lighthouses ( Give Buff on Anchored Ships they dont recive "Sea Dmg over Time" anymore around the Lighthouse and removed in a certain Radius the Fog of War on the Map
80 = Give Accsess to 5x Big Premade Towers with 3 Cannons Snap points (needs a 5x5 Foundation) but will Cost a lot of Stone Metall Wood and Gold Bars
100 = Give Accsess to an Big Premade Castle Give with (Needs an 20x20 Foundation) So much cost but gives your big Company a good Base deffences Structure (We make a lot of Designs we loved in the Castle so u can pick up from 3 Different Types of a Castle with his own Design)

Maybe we change some achievements or give other Buffs for balance.

- Redesign Golden Age Ruins
We Redesign Every Gold Ruins Island to make them Funny to play and need some planing for engage them.
-You choose your challenge!  We removed the unused Decorations Buildings from the Island and  put them together to 3 Big Castles/Caves.     
The Dragon Hort In north of the Island
The Fountain Caves in the West of the Islands
and the Powerstone Hall on East

On Every Middle of the Island 1 Outside Alpha Boss will apear and every Player can engage them. But watch out, if more Player attack that Boss... Health and Damage Reduction(Hard capped to 50%) will increase.

Every Dungeon are guarded by 2 Cyclops on the entrance and in the inside awaits you one Boss you have to kill to get their loooots!!!. You can´t kite these Bosses, their are in a Bossroom like in a RPG Doungen.
If you Kill the Cyclops the Gate will open but their are no Tames allowed in the Dungeon. The Dungeons should be an Player VS Boss experience. (Want an Tame VS Boss? Alphas or the outside Boss is the best way for you ❤️ )

From the Dragon in the Dragon Hort you have the chance to get an "EGG" you have to breed it and give´s you the Dragon for 6 Hours
In the Fountain Caves a Big Gorgon awaits you for getting the Buff of Youth (like its actual in the Game)
And the Powerstone Hall a Big Rock Elementar/or Fire Elementar waiting to crush you. You get the Powerstone from them.

-Dinos will attack taming Structures if their are trapped
-Soldiers of the Damnd are now more Trashmoob style easy to kill but a lot of them ouround the Island and in the Doungen
-We Removed all "normal" high level Animals from that island and only Keep mytic creatures on the islands)  
-The outside NPCs have an Maxlevel from 60 now(except the Guardian Cyclops and Alpha Boss). The Inside NPCs in the Doungen have a Maxlevel to 100 now , Bosses have Level 150
-Every Boss give also a chance to drop a Mytic Blueprint
-Bosses have and respawn cooldown from 6 Hours
-Bosses Have an fight time like the Kraken then he goes in an enrage mode.

- Creatures Redesign
-Birds now fly more in the air but they have to land after a period of time "to eat or recover  stamina"
-Removed the Knockback and Add a "small Stun" Only Cyclops and Bosses have a small Knockback
-Rihno charge Knockback removed and add a Broken Bones Debuff
-Resized all Animals to smaller Natural size
-Tier 3 Animals crushes Trees and Bushes and small Stones (no more Tree  or Stone blocking)
-Alpha keep the Actual size and the small cloud? flame? dont know what that is effect is -replaced with an Ghostship like Mytical Glow
-Only one Alpha per island (Only Predators ) and 6 Hours Cooldown . If you hunt them you can loot Blueprint´s and a high ammount of Meat and Hide If you Kill the Alpha a cruel cry whisper through the Island and u get an Buff for 1 Hour that all Predators now flee from you ... har har now is our time to strike back😉
-Creatures have now an on stand rotation . With A and D on the Keyboard these prevents the unatural movement from animals.
-Fixed the Lions charge sounds and the all time charging you.
-Reduced the aggro range from Predators to an more natural way. Their are more "Neutral" in medium Range but if you come to close they start Attacking you

-Animals you had attacked and they can´t reach you, will now flee away
-Fixed the Hitboxes and Collisions Box from every Creature
-NPC´s will now pushed a little bit away from you. No more Bodyblock from the NPC´s
-Crewmember can equip the Repair Hammer to give the ability to repair your ship.
-Crewmember equiped with Meele weapons going in a Guard Mode with an good looking idle animation (like the British Guards from the Queen ^^ )   If an enemy Player comes in the aggro range from the NPCs the will start fighting. if the Enemy Player Flee´s or Die the Guard goes back to his guarding position.


- New Combat system
Simplify the combat system For Meele and Tames
Every Meele weapon comes with 2 Basic attacks, with the unlock of the weapon (Fast attack low Dmg on left Mouse and a little more harder attack on right mouse  but little bit higher refrese time)
(You can change later in the Skilltrees the Attacks on Right mouse  with different attacks or Buffs or combo attacks)

-Short Meele Weapon Redesign Overview
Blackjack [None Leathal path in the Meele Skilltree]
Low DMG High Torpedy

Knuckels[None Leathal path in the Meele Skilltree ,its a better Blackjack]
Low DMG High Torpedy chance to Break Bones for Slowing your Target

Fast but Low Single Target DMG With some helpfull Buffs (Poision Let the Target fall asleep Dual Wield or Throwing)

Medium Single Target Dmg but slower than Daggers and with a chance for Bleeding effects, or you can chose parry  with your sword for a high cost of Stamina but can´t encounter an attack or combine your sword with a Shield (Shield will reduce the Movemnt Speed but give Damage Reduction and some usefull new skills)

Slow Single Target but high Dmg or Low AOE Dmg
No parry possible
Shatter The Ground and stun and Enemy for a short Time


-Shields give you now a higher Aggro against NPC´s and Bosses
-Shield can now cover Up from cost of Stamina with Damage Reductions
-Shields gives you a movement penality


New Weapon Daggers

Unlock the Daggers for Fast single Target attacks

Later in the Skill Tree u can choose between the Skills Poision or Throwing the Daggers or Dual Wield
Throwing the Daggers Cost one Dagger
Poision your Dagger and get a chance to poision your Target like Cobras but cost the right click attack.

You have to activate the buff and Cost 1 Poision Glass (Crafted in Mortar and needed Poision from toxic Animals and a bottle)
Dual Wield will remove the Right Click Attack

-Removed the  throwing knifes skill and moved to the Dagger Skilltree

-We Removed meele auto aim.

-Meeleattacks are now faster but with small refreshing times Big buffs or strong skills have an cooldown.

The Right click attack can be changed in the Skilltree after you unlocked them like the Skillbook.
Now u can chose your playstyle with the Weapon u carry. More Like AOE Attacks? chose an AOE attack  Or more Single Target with an chance  for a effect like Bleeding? chose one. Or an speacial ability? Parriere with the Sword on cost of Stamina? no Problem Unlock the Skill and Drag it to the slot.

-Reduce the Zoom in with the Carabine by 30 Percent and added a small swing
-You can hold your breath on right click with a Carabine for a steady aim in cost of air and stamina
-New Carabine Ultimate Attachment. U can attach a Spyglass with high zoom on your Carabine with an crosshair but cost the Right Click hold Breath and the Reloading time is increased

- Discovery Additions
If u Discover a new Island and get the Discovery now all different Ressource Types u can get from this Island whil shown on the Top Right of the Atlas map if u hovering over the Island.


-Quality of Life and Game Improvements

-Added fall damage for animals and fixing the speed reset by dismount in middle of the air
-Animal spawnrate reduce by 60% and add a respawn cooldown. Nothing is more annoying clear the beach from animals run back to get Stuff or Crew, come back and the animals are respawnd again.
-Sub Biom Animal spawning. Animals spawns now in their own Sub Biomes on the Island
I.e. Turtels and Seaguals are more on the Beach, Elephants or Bears are more in the middle of an Island (I.E.  Croc´s are more Rare on the Beach but in the Middle island their can be more)
-Sharks are now more in the Open Sea and not in front of your anchored Ship
None Spawn Areas for animals. Mountains and Structures have an small No spawn Area for Animals.
Bey bey Dumbo Elephant trapped on a Cliff :,,(
-Adding a Leaver to every Boat to raise and lower Anchor´s
-The Emergency Ladder have now a better trigger box and will shown up (in that Blue build a Structur Design)
-Removed collision on dead Bodys but u cant pick up dead bodys anymore
-Hitbox are fixed no more clipping in structures
-Ressource Box can only placed on Ships an can only Stack items to 5000max and don´t reduce the weight.(see Cargo Dock on Ships)
-Ghostships will now come out of the Water (like in Movies) and Spawns only at Night
-Reduced the Amount of Ghostships  on a Grid to 5 per Night in random variations (High low Medium Typs)   The Medium and Large Ghostships now have Larg Cannons( Sorry for the Hit and Run Players.... we want that you fight agains the Ships ❤️ )
-Removed Ghostship Loot Crew Gold cost
Ghostship Crew are so Happy that you saved  them and dont want gold for 24h... after a Day they realy want some gold for Buying a cool hook 😄

-Rework of "Rename the Company".   Now the Leader had to pick up a "Letter of the Company" Item from your Company Flag and travel to a Freeport. Now you can give the letter to the  [ Librarian of Goverment NPC] and you can choose a new Name. The Name change after 12 Hours. The Letter of the Company have a spoil time to prevent "Player Parking with an Letter in front of the NPC"    ((or maybe only a 12h Waiting time? ))

-On Ship Building Redesign.
Hell yea we love the Freedome of a Free building Warship With fucking lots of Cannons. But we have to balance this. ;X
-Increas the Weight of Structures
-Gunports reduce the Wight of snapped Cannons all time now not only opend.
-Increase the weight of Cannons yea this is the real way. (now Top Deck Cannons are heavy as shit)
Now u must choose wisely... A Big Tanky Ship with a lots of Topdeck Cannons but slow as Shit or a "Normal Ship" that moves much faster.



If we get 100 Upvotes, i will make Pictures from the Ideas .

Writing down all that notes consumed a lot of weekend time. if you agree with that Post  and share it in the internet i will start making some Pictures. Because Pictures are more understandable 😄


Make an Upvote here If you want that the Dev Team notice that Post 😉


Love and Kisses a Player want a cool and Great Pirate Game with lots of Content


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Great post, love many of the things you surgest, and hope the dev team look at this.

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I post This Thread in the Idea and Feedback Forum because no Upvote here is possible 😉

Thanks for the Feedback 🙂


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Picture Test

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At first I thought this was actually a repost of something from the devs until I actually got into reading it. That said there is a lot of good changes I can get behind, some not so much but on the whole you actually fooled me for a minute until I started seeing lots of spelling errors.

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I am sorry the Text errors, i will fix it and add a Share link to the Feedback Thread for upvotes.


An i will make an Community unlock.


I will make pictures from the Ideas when we get 100 upvotes 😊


feeling free writing me errors at pn 👋

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4 minutes ago, ari12609 said:

sorry for Repost fixed a lot of Texterrors 😉

Wow. Just wow. This is truly impressive, you have clearly invested significant time and energy into both thinking these suggestions through and writing them up. For that alone I hope the devs will look closely at your input. As far as being able to read it, I had no issues. Even if every word wasn’t perfect and grammatically correct, it was more than sufficient to be understood clearly and frankly better than some folks born speaking English.

Well done sir.

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thanks for your feedback guys. i am happy that you agree some ideas 🙂

I will start makeing some pictures in the next days because i think a wall of text shocked a lot of peoples 😄

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I skipped over the red heading about not being real and just start reading the notes.

I thought. no kidding! These guys really went to work! Did they add devs? Wow, most of this (not all) is great news! Why were they holding back on all of this? Where are these stables, snap points, taverns... ? I'll be building or buying these today. Why is this dev swearing so much? Did this patch drop over night?

Now I fear I must find and sink your ships 🙂

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I love most of the ideas presented here. Hopefully the devs do look at this. You might want to post this in the suggestions part of the forums so I can get up voted for more exposure.

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1 hour ago, Ivah BlackWater said:

I love most of the ideas presented here. Hopefully the devs do look at this. You might want to post this in the suggestions part of the forums so I can get up voted for more exposure.

I have added a Share Link in the end of the post to the Suggest part of this forum 😉

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-Added some Pictures

(Maybe add some more, but i think the ideas are not very interessted for the players to upvote the the Thread or sharing it to other community sites for reading.Because the most players are more intressted in anti cheat or Wipe the servers  😄    )

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Man, if i was a developer of grapeshot, i use this post as a roadmap. Why they soens't focuse en these? the wrok is done....

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Pushing up because adding some more pictures later  and changeing some notes because of wipe 

Edited by ari12609

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i googled "atlas v25 patch notes" and this is what came up. i read the whole thing (kinda) and got really hyped before i noticed the red text at the top (hence kinda). i liked every idea but the mo'players = mo'structures like light houses. but thats cuz i play solo.

If the devs took this to heart then Atlas would truly feel different than Ark and much more like a MMO. Not that i mind that they are so similar. It would just be nice if Atlas had its own flavor and wasn't a coke (ark) or pepsi (atlas) type of difference.


P.S. i like the fast travel idea. yes it would kinda suck but it would make the game more immersive and less teleporty.

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