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A Complete guide on ship building for those new - to not so new.

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**If you would like to this ship in action before you watch this guide : Start here or skip to the video below for the complete guide


This guide assumes you know nothing about building ships and you are fresh off the rafts.

If this is NOT the case. Then feel free to jump ahead. - As we do start off pretty basic.

0:01 - New to farming resources?
5:00 - start of the Time lapse
9:40 - Building the Shipyard
21:45 - Starting the actual ship build
29:55 - Starting the ships armor.
39:46 - Starting the enclosed bridge aka battle bridge
45:26 - Small Break from building to kill myself
51:20 - Lt Podium 
1:06:32 - Ship release/Commission/Dedication Plaques

No copyright intended

The Armor design is based off from 
H.O.D gaming


The Bridge design is my own.


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