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A way to override alpha spawns would be nice, unless I've overlooked something.

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On 2/18/2019 at 4:49 PM, ZenRowe said:

Hello everyone.
I've gotten some questions about overriding creature spawns on islands, so we've added a guide to the devkit site (Though the devkit is not explicitly required)

You can find it here:

On our private server, our crew and tames despawn as soon as we leave our ship, and sometimes when we board. It seems intermittent, other players have never seen the issue, but on our private server all players suffer it. I was thinking of coding something up to safeguard tames and crew for the transition, any hints on where I could detect that a tame or crew is about to be despawned? Maybe I could interrupt the process? Perhaps it has something to do with the pawn falling through the world and hitting KillZ.


For reference, here are videos of the issue:







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It seems this problem only exists with Linux servers. Windows servers do not have this problem.


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