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This is a neutered PVP game until the claims are fixed and properly limited

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This is specifically for the official PVE servers.

The land conquest is a PVP mechanic. It works great in PVP. The competition between companies is great...for PVP.


In PVE it results in everyone taking every bit of land they can get and:

-hoarding it for themselves so they can tax anyone using "their" land even if they have no structures on that land. And for bragging rights as the largest land owners.

-renting/selling it off to players not fortunate enough to find land to claim

-griefing other players to make them quit the game to give up their land.


Unlimited land claims do not belong in PVE gameplay. There needs to be some limits on them in PVE gameplay. If you want to leave in Unlimited land claims then there needs to be a significant upkeep cost to owning more than X number of claims per person (I will not define the number here, I will leave that to the devs). If you want to keep the leader boards, make it actually an accomplishment to claim and maintain claims over that much land...not just what you happen to find or steal from others.


This has made the new player experience completely shit on PVE servers.

To get any land you are forced to:

1. join a company with whatever rules it has. Not everyone wants to join a company.

2. rent land from land owners where you have no control over their ability to lock you out of your ability to build your structure. And that usually comes with living under a taxed area on top of the price you pay to rent.

3. buy land from land owners for whatever price they think is appropriate.

4. Hope to find someone willing to give you land. My efforts have run across two groups promising to do this so far....both ended up not giving me land.

5. steal land from players who might not log in every day. And to do this you have to find land to steal...so you have to endlessly search each and every island hoping to find something to take from someone else. And to do this you have to deal with the bugs involved with land claiming currently...which means sometimes you have absolutely no idea how long you have to wait to declaim it.

6. live in lawless and deal with the bullshit foundation and pillar spam and people demolishing everything you worked for if you happen to not log in every 4 days.


This is not a PVE game...this is a neutered PVP game....you just can't kill people directly.

Fix this. Give us a proper PVE game with mechanics that don't pit us against each other.

Also, a legitimate (not third party) single player option would solve this problem for a lot of PVE players.

And yes, I know about unofficial servers. I am helping build a new map for an unofficial server. The existence of Unofficial servers does not excuse the devs from creating a proper PVE game for the people on the official servers.

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I totally agree with you but devs dont care, they dont care about this, they have serious problems with this game, they have same problem as ARK have it, and is still there.....

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Yes I also agree, I started off the game living on land with 2 flags but I since left that group.

There is just no way I'm going to spend weeks running around every island looking to contest. That might be easy with a big group but when you're on your own its no fun doing that.

I now live on lawless and very happy living there, so much easier and have nice neighbours.

The devs will not change it, they have no interest. This team is incompetent. They even allow griefing other players without consequence.  They have pretty much said this themselves.

I have no hope for the game in future. I just view this game as having fun while it lasts. Another game comes along its bye bye Atlas.

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