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pve NA PVE Land for Lease

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Ardus Industries is currently looking to lease multiple beachfront claims in B2, low tax rate (2.5%) and bountiful resources.  We also have available in LIMITED supply, beachfront claims in B1, this tax rate is higher at 20% and the claim would be best suited for a forge base due to HIGH volumes of metal.  (can easily farm for 10k+ / hr on 2x weekend depending on your weight restrictions)


B2 resources:

Wood: Softwood, Wetwood

Fiber: Cotton

Thatch: Roots

Metal: Iron (no nodes but short trip to LOTS of metal, Iron will be tax exempt)

Sap: Resin

Tames: Bears, Wolves, Lions (rare), Crow, Cow/Bull, Chicken, Seagull


B1 Resources:

Calcite (crystal)

Blubber / Naphte (oil)

Cobalt / tin



Bears, penguins, Yetis (mythos)



Contact me directly via forum message for more details.   All leases are long term, I will never destroy or evict as long as you continue to farm my claims a reasonable amount to apply taxes.  Communication will be open between discord for any and all issues, I am also willing to offer help to newer players who are in need of it.  


If I ever quit, claims will be turned over to leasee.

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Hey folks!  


Still have spots available. All B2 claims will come with access to my B1 metal forge base.  Will be outfitted with a dock, lots of forged and smithies.  Pin coded to you if multiple people are around. Do your work and load up the ship and haul it back (5 min boat trip).

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