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Crafted gear/weapons turning into common blueprints.

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Hi guys, I just wanted to reach out to the community to see if anyone has had any issues after crafting their mythic set(or any set). It took my company and me a very long time to gather all the materials necessary to craft this monstrous mythic set of gear. After a week of getting to use the amazing set that gave an 80% increase to weight, half of the set got turned into common blueprints inside a storage box where we were keeping it for safety against losing it when we logged out. It's very frustrating losing a set this expensive to something we have no control over. If anyone has an idea on how not to lose the next set I would love to hear feedback.

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We've been documenting this for a while. Please upvote: 


We've noticed that things tend to do this more in large storage boxes and have started storing all our gear in smithies. No idea if that will work long term, but nothing has converted that we've put in a smithy yet. We're also just avoiding making the super expensive crafts until they deal with the issue (it has been acknowledged at this point).

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