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Minor Solution to a bigger problem

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AI, simply way to expensive vs the time it takes to grind... I keep saying this is not LIF that nobody plays anymore... really consider what you doing devs.

How do i know? as a small company even on a private server the meta game involved to grind out the AI, and the gold is just too much. To protect your stuff it requires an awful lot of gold. Gold is heavy and its time consuming. I am not talking about grinding out all the mats i am talking about leaving to grind out the mats and affording the AI to protect the base.

AI is broken, the tames are broken, the Logic behind it is horrible. Even large companies have to grind out the same way.

The time i have is well over 500 hours, grind, and more grind.. Then find a day to grind out more gold. Its not handed to us, it can be tough to farm.


But lets talk about the fact most of the AI would require a complete mass to protect the harbor and your ship, or ships and the base itself.

So if i am seeing it and leaving official i can only imagine how many still on official are grinding out the gold to just have AI protect your small base.


Atlas is a grind game that is all. I am getting burnt out already.

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As a solo player on  official gold is so easy to farm on double weekends. 
You played 12 hours a day and ure wondering why u feel burnt out. But I dont fully blame you because their games force you to play all day to stay relevant and people are done with that shit.

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Haha farm gold 12 hours, and I tame the bear for an hour, accumulate an average gun and 50 cores, come and break everything in 30 minutes)


even if you put 700 Bots, it will not save from the fact that your base will break the homeless for half an hour-hour)

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