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Cant Interact with anything since update

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Logged in after the update 18.75 and cant interact with anything. Animals, doors, ladders, punching wild animals yields no hits, etc. When I relog it just puts me back to spot I originally logged back in on. The wild animals are still moving around and im taking cold damage but no amount of relogs are making me able to interact with anything. Ive verified game files again so that's not the problem. Any suggestions or fixes would be appreciated.

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Finally fixed this by killing myself. Had to punch air until I killed myself with stamina depletion. Then respawned at another server bed and came back to first area. Was able to interact with stuff again after doing this. Hopefully if anyone suffers same issue this will fix it for them.


Update: seems that 10 mins later its bugged again doing exact same thing. Game pretty much unplayable at moment.

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