@merlin66676 It works with Blackwood if you do the following.  I will be updating it for easier integration, but it might be a few days. Here's a post I placed on my Discord server: For those wanting to use the new Blackwood Single Player, do the following until I update the util:
1. Use the wizard to install your server (even if an existing server.. this will create the temp ServerGrid.json file).
2. After Atlas installation has completed, make the following changes to the ASUU.ini file:
[ --------------- GAME SERVER CONFIGURATION --------------- ]
Atlas extra command line parameters (ex.?serverpve-pve -NoCrashDialog) ###= -log -server -NoSeamlessServer
Map Name ###=Blackwood
Import RCON ports from GameUserSettings.ini files? (yes/no) ###=no
Server RCON Port(s) (comma separated, grid order as in ServerGrid.json, ignore if importing RCON ports) ###=25710 3. Then restart the util. When you get the following popup, select NO (to the prompt posted below).
(Thanks Aceman, noelpy, and others for the info)
4. (Optional) Copy the \AtlasUtilFiles\ServerGrid.json file to the \Atlas Server\ShooterGame\ folder.