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Have Lawless decay after 4 days

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Why is the decay rate for everything different in Lawless?  I can go to Lawless grid land at a island, anchor my raft and/or Ramshackle sloop on the beach, build a thatch Hut and get the message that the base will decay in 4 days, yet if I put a large box down on a foundation the box has a 16 day timer on it, and a smithy has a 12 day timer.  Also the Sloop or raft usually gets abandoned on the beach and you can't see what the timer is for it because if you get close to it you start to ice skate and have to suicide punch your way out.  Why not just make abandoned ramshackle sloops and rafts and anything on thatch foundations and in buildings including smithy,s, boxes, in lawless 4 days and it decays if you don't come into render distance.

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