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Love this game, thank you all for working on it!

I've teched into taming and think it is really cool. A few general ideas that stand out to me after the many hours I've played this are...

1. Because the 'exploration' theme of this game is so addicting to players (and myself) why not make different variants of each animal type for different regions in the map (colors, textures, skins, sizes, builds, ect). If there are multiple different kinds of thatch, wood, fiber, stone than why not animals? each variant could be better scaled into a certain stat? Instead of randomly generating skins globally, make different populations in different places (i.e. polar bears in the arctic).

2. Breeding is wayyyy too time consuming for anyone to do who doesn't want to press E for several hours, AFTER waiting for the female to give birth for 4 hours. Currently this requires a ton of resources and a ton of uninterrupted attention. Pick one; either make a player have to sit with the baby but shorten the time, or make it so the baby requires tons of resources, but those resources can be accessed from a trough or something. Reward the player for their time, or their resource collection.

3. Hot keys for switching between tame groups? how about a bar below the inventory bar? shift+1 = tame group 1, ect. (I feel like this should exist? I just don't see it?)

4. Birds birds birds. they are hella hard to hit with the bolas or trap anywhere. I feel like bird tames could be so cool in naval combat (send a swarm of birds to the enemy ship) but the glichy-ness of their taming is currently soo hard. if they got below 20% health could their movement speed slow? or the hitbox for bolas against them needs to be much larger? I don't think i'm the only person who has issues with bird taming.

5. This occurred to me by reading the posts above but I want to echo it. Yes, a pack buff should be huge for the wolves!

Hopefully you like these ideas. I want to make sure I say that I really like that you have to work hard for things in this game. It makes them rewarding so don't make it easier, just make a couple quality of life changes like those above would be nice.


thanks for your time and asking us! really appreciate it!

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If i was a Dev for a day, i would remove all tames other then a dog, parrot, chicken, rabbit.

This is a ship game or a new version of ark? i still am trying to figure out why tames are more important then ships.

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I would ADD items/saddles that contribute to the Tames effectiveness, For an example some kind of mining saddle that skins to the Rhinos horn increasing stone/metal production. maybe a saddle that adds a blade on the Elephants trunk to increase wood production or a saddle for the Bear that adds sickle like blades to its arms for gathering fiber. Maybe even an armor skin saddle for the Horse making it more effective for pvp?

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This isn't really to how to tune your animals... but what about a needs/wants system for the wildlife to create more believable AI.

Predators get hungry, they need to eat, if they're full they're less aggressive but if the hungrier they get the more aggressive they get.  
They need to eat, but maybe they have a preference for certain animals... so when they're not uber hungry, they're actively roaming looking for their preferred meal.

To advance this even more, implement a nesting and territory system.  Wolves perhaps like to den during the day, but range out at night to hunt.  In their dens is where they would procreate and protect/spawn babies that they also need to feed.  Maybe ostriches like to nest where the beach turns to grass, so they nest there, and get aggro if they have a baby or eggs, but remain passive if they are not roosting.

Maybe herbivores have preference to different foods, too, and you have to pen your garden off to ensure wildlife doesnt start digging up your taters.

Add watering holes- fresh water and rivers.  This will give animals a place to range to and drink daily.

Seabirds should fly around whales, also.  This will help give a visible clue to where whale pods are from a distance.

I love systems in games, they have the potential off adding (or going ffkking crazy) to the immersion by bringing randomness.  I've always wanted to see human AI also operate in the same way... with full day cycles from bed to work, 2 or 3 meals a day, and recreational preferences or hobbies, and simulated food storage to get them to go to stores randomly.  Does it matter?  I guess not... but does it not matter?  I bet it'd matter to the Hosts 

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Make 2 bulls able to pull al cart which can carry a wheight equal to the one of the two bulls summed but whit a percentage of reduction since also irl the whole point of a cart is to pull the wheight and use less force to move a bigger load. Also at the moment there is not an efficient metod to moove loads from places other than make yourself follow by hordes of bears filled to the brim or use exploits. Loading and uloading ships is painfull plz do someting.😣

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I suggest

Seagull (or other birds)- some wind bonus (ship speed bonus) on the sea

Rabbit - sneaking buff on the sea and land against creatures and SoD, or running speed buff

Bull - bit more gathering power (wood and thatch)

Chicken - egg has all vitamins other than vitamin C

penguin - more heating buff (half or so to campfire)

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Great. Changes in the last few patches on animal changes, but I do think the giraffe needs to have increase thatched gathering. Or at least increase the speed in which it does so.  As of now it is more efficient to get off the giraffe and mine that with a pick.

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At first make up your mind, do you want tier 3 animals to be able to breed or downright shut the skill off and make it clear. 

Also i would like to see a structure or just the possibility to assign NPC crewmember to animal or the said structure. And for a wage and food they would milk your cows, collect your chicken eggs and trim your sheep.

Bear - At the moment its the only usefull animal in terms of combat, more hp, more stamina and the ability to breed makes it better then the tier 3 offensive tames. Make it either less combat focused or less gatherer focused because the duality of the creature only supports it's number one status. You could introduce two strains of the bear, a normal one for harvesting and a polar/cave version focused on combat.

Chicken - Fine at it is, as some others suggested a structure for keeping them safe with easy acces to eggs.

Cow - Fine

Bull - I would like to see the ability from Pig to move into bull. Making him produce feces fast or producing more potent kind of fertilizer.

Crow - Fine 

Razortooth - Should be APEX among the carnivore tames, I would like to see the stats buffed while making it harder to tame. His ability should only reduce damage output of enemies as it is not beneficial for the Razortooth to make his dinner run like mad away from him. 

Shieldhorn - Same as Razortooth. Buff stats and increase taming dificulity. Also make him able to harvest atleast some kind of food.

Elephant - Fine

Giant Pig - Replace the pooping ability with diging as a shovel.

Giraffe - Focus more on thatch gathering, in a recent patch you went the right way but still not enough in my opinion to make it superior to elephant.

Horse - Reduce speed below Ostrich (or increase Ostrich speed). Horses should be working animals, pulling around cargos and mounted canons.

Lion - Needs something to make a clear difference between tiger and lion. Considering the Lion's actual ability i would like to add Prowl/Pounce mechanizm to it, where if you Prowl you reduce the aggro range on you and if you Pounce you travel short distance grabing your prey.

Monkey - Fine

Ostrich - Should be faster then horse but carry less weight and cause less damage then horse. Make it a perfect scout animal.

Parrot - Fine

Penguin - No idea if this work already or not, but the buff from Penguin should be AoE so it can act as an AC.

Rabbit - Fine

Rhino - Should be able to harvest metal even from stones as you can with a pickaxe, even if it is a miniscule ammount.

Seagull - Rather then oxygen/swim buff i'd like to see a weather warnings as some suggested making different noises according to upcoming weather.

Sheep - You should harvest fiber instead of leather from these as different kinds of fiber are harder to come by.

Tiger - As with Lion, Tiger also needs somethings to shine in. And if Lion should be the stealthy, surprise predator with Tiger I imagine more straight forward aproach. Make his bleeding DoT more potent and give him the Razortooth ability that works only on wild animals. Either as a roar or as a part of the Bleeding mechanism (activates the panic-run once the dot is applied to a creature with 30% hp or less).

Vulture - Execution. You should be able to throw off your Vulture on a low HP enemy to instantly execute it, or make the Vulture to chase the wounded target with increased speed and damage.

Wolfv - The heat buff is great but I would rather see the pack mechanism from Ark or the ability of tamed Wolf to "summon" other wolves by its howl to aid in combat. The Howl ability should have a longer internal cooldown and the summoned wolves could run off to wilds or just despawn after a certain period of time.


I would also like to see some variations of these:

Giant Gorila - Large primate, able to be riden, mediocore fighter (bull-like stats) who works as a climbing pick. There is whole lots of moutain peaks that are extremly hard to climb up to, this could be a solution.

Bee Hives - As in Ark I would like to tame/construct my own Bee Hive to increase farming output and harvest my own honey.

Aquatic Animal - I cant understood how come there is not yet a way to tame a Shark or atleast a Dolphin. Might be my personal feeling, but I would love to swim around my company boats on a mighty sea beast, taking care of those pesky minions like Mantas and Jellies as well as having a tool to quickly descend to depths and a way of protecting myself in the abyss.

Poisonus animals - It would be nice if spiders, scorpions or snakes were droping "Toxin" that would later be refined and made into tranquil arrows. Not that I would like that passive kind of taming like in ARK where you keep the creature on drugs while stuffing berries in its A-hole but it would be nice if we had a way to tranquilize an animal and then drag it (provided you have the weight capacity) to a safer location. To make it harder to obtain you could make Cobra snakes tamable and harvest the toxin from those like you would milk a cow.


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either double or triple giraffe thatch gather again

increase elephants stamina regen

Edited by ELMOGER

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On 2/13/2019 at 9:00 AM, vondrax said:
  • Bear - Good where it is at, DO NOT CHANGE or NERF!!!
  • Chicken - Gives eggs, does not need any real changes 
  • Cow - Does need to be able to be ridden,  and add a buff to crop growth speed when cows are in close proximity.
  • Bull - Needs a charge attack that if a player or wild animal is hit that adds a Gored debuff that reduces movement speed and has a bleed effect. 
  • Crow - The intelligence buff is great, but i would also add a buff that increases quality of blueprints from treasure maps. 
  • Razortooth - Increase armor/resistance. Massive melee and stamina increases as well. This should be the T-Rex of the Atlas game and a lot harder to tame. it is currently too easy. Also, make it so that it can only be transported by a Gallion. 
  • Shieldhorn - Slight armor buff 
  • Elephant - Needs more Stamina. 
  • Giant Pig - Should gather like a shovel. Add a skill to the players bestiary skill tree that will buff the amount of worms and rare items the pig gathers. 
  • Giraffe - So far, the current changes to this one are good enough for now. 
  • Horse - Should be a passive tame and have a endurance buff after riding for a certain amount of time.  Endurance would cut the Vitamin loss and stamina drain by 50% by 5 minutes after dismount.  3 times in a 24 hour period. 
  • Lion - Need a melee buff and if something is grappled by one, they should receive a movement debuff,  Also, add a gathering buff for keratin. 
  • Monkey - Buff that reduces items in players inventory by 50% for 10 minutes 2 times in a 24 hour period. 
  • Ostrich - Good, no changes for now. 
  • Parrot - Have a warning for enemies/wild animals. "Polly see's a bad guy!" Also,t his bird should have at least a 20+ saying tree that it randomly spits out rarely. 
  • Penguin - Temperature buff should be higher and more prevalent so we can see that changes and effects when it is being used. Maybe add a small particle effect to players and animals that have been buffed. 
  • Rabbit - Buff that give 50% reduction to food and water usage. Lasts 10 minutes and has a 30 minute cool down. 
  • Rhino - Should hold more and gather more metal. 
  • Seagull - Opens up map and reduces Fog of War. Also, will give buff to allow captains to see through fog. 
  • Sheep - Give Fiber when sheered
  • Tiger - No changes at this time. 
  • Vulture - Remove! If not feasible, then remove the attack player with low health ability. Also reduce Aggro range by 75%. Gives Buff to Player to find high level wild animals around them. 
  • Wolf - Pack buff. Also, this animal should run from anything bigger than it unless in a pack of 3 or more. IE, not attack players, bears, yeti's Giraffes, Elephants, and so on. 

Things that are of A high priority to me to be addressed. 

  • Breeding - Maturation and gestation times need a 50% decrease. 50 hours for a bear, i can just imagine what the time for a Elephant would be..... No chance in hell
  • The issue of tames being lost due to the collision bug of non ship type structures on a boat. 
  • Tames falling through ceilings and foundations. Add a check to the game that moves the rendering of tames to only happen after all structures and boats have been rendered in. This could be a possible fix for this issue. 



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On 2/16/2019 at 8:34 AM, Slamz said:

Making breeding automatic instead of a chore would open up breeding animals for food and hides. Nobody would possibly do that now.

Horse: make passive tame. It's a good animal just so annoying to tame that people rarely want to bother.

Sheep: should harvest fiber (I mean wool is literally fiber. You're not skinning it. Unless you kill it.)

Bull: improve carry capacity. Maybe give it a right click charge-with-knockback. Should be a go-to pack animal.

Wolf: make the howl do something. Buff other nearby wolves? Accumulates so 1 wolf is weak but 5 are deadly?

Parrot: extra gold buff when digging chests. Because pirate.

Vulture: when on shoulder, puts a beam over ALL corpses, friend and foe alike. Helpful for finding that dead friend who died in the bushes and can't get back quickly or the dead enemy you wanted to loot but can't find. Maybe increases all dead animal harvesting too ("hey you missed a bit, perfectly good eating right there").

Pig: I feel like this should be a fun riding pet somehow. Maybe it buffs your bow shot and melee when ridden? Warg riders!


I like the vulture idea.
Breeding for food.... well... it's doable right now, if you kill the babies, instead of the adults, but why would you grow an animal for like.... tons of food to get some food for it. And sheeps can be gathered with a scissor already without killing them for hide.
For pigs:
It should really have a shovel like gathering i think. For combat usage, they are pretty cheap, so they doesnt need to be buffed i guess

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It is near impossible to take shoulder mounts on ships especially birds. It is too much of a risk. They get lost in transition to other servers, storms, and random waves. They also count as crew when not on ones shoulder causing problems when people DC/relog in and the ship suddenly starts to sink from to many crew! Even if this was not as much of an issue our group fell in love with the idea of a place-able bird/stand. Even the monkey could be adorable mounted on a perch placed in the captains quarters. Back at base the stands would hold them from flying off at the next J whistle/attack and look much more organised then just tossed on the floor. The bunny could even be perched for a more noticeable alert system!


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The breeding system needs a severe look at, in my opinion. Nothing about ARK breeding was fun (unless you had a server/played solo and decreased the times and ran S+... then it's bearable). This system is even worse, adding on PITA mechanics like biome requirements. In all seriousness... real life animal breeding is more fun than this.

1. The wandering mechanic. Remove it (like we just had in ARK, with "Enable Mating"), give us hitching posts, or give us S+ double doors. It's just irritating.

2. The biome requirements. I know a number of people that breed ball pythons (an African snake) in Maine (it's cold). You can breed animals in warmer/colder climates. This biome thing is, again, irritating and most of all totally unrealistic.

3. Which brings me to temperature management. If I have an enclosed building with four raging fires literally six feet away from an animal... it should be fine, if not overheating... C'mon. Having buildings actually insulate (against heat and cold) for animals and fires actually work is a must if you're dead set on this mechanic.

4. Baby animals are taken care of by their mother (most mammals) or are totally independent at birth (most reptiles and amphibians). This hand feeding business... again, unrealistic, annoying, and not fun. Never once, in my time as a breeder, had I ever had to force feed a baby animal... let alone wake up in the middle of the night to do so. Have a look at The Isle's nesting mechanic for some inspiration or allow baby feeding from the mother (by filling her inventory).

5. Imprinting. Get rid of it. There's really no reason I or anyone else should be pulling shifts to imprint a video game animal. It's far from fun... and again... it's unrealistic. Horse breeders, dog breeders, whatever do not wake up every four hours to coddle a baby. That's mum's job. Suggestion: make it so that the more time you spend with an animal (baby, adult or otherwise), you get some kind of loyalty buff. If you don't hang out with it for a while, it decreases but can be gained again. Maybe spending time with the baby increases this faster. This would also make animal buying/selling/trading a more robust aspect of the game. OR see below and focus more on a better breeding/mutation system.

6. Mutations, I think need to be looked at. Ultima Online had a very cool breeding system and included a neat backbreeding mechanic... That's worth looking into. Even Pokemon's breeding system is more rewarding than the current mutation system. Focusing more on this, would allow breeders to develop unique and/or role-specific lines and seek other breeders to further develop their own lines.

In light of all of or any similar changes, I really wouldn't mind an extension on breeding times. A week or more to raise a horse, for instance, would be entirely acceptable to not deal with the current system.


As for items...

Like others have said: Please make the cargo saddle... hold cargo. Either give it a separate inventory or buff the animal it's attached to. Decreased speed for increased cargo would be fine. Take the current one and rename it "porta-cannon saddle" or whatever.

Also, as others have said... tier 1 saddle? Why?

Lasso - Basically the same as ARK. This would make taming horses not want to make people throw their rigs out a window. Also, riding on a horse with a lasso... This made the Equus go from meh to fantastic.


And generally, as others have said, I wouldn't be against pulling the resource farming aspect from the animals. It was fun in ARK, but if you're trying to actually make a separate and more player-focused game it could be left behind for a buff to the higher tool tiers.


Bulls - Maybe a charge attack like the old Trike. It'd just be fun. Also, cargo saddle capabilities. We used (and still do) oxen to pull heavy loads for centuries.

Horses - Really need a tighter turn radius. I've never seen a horse turn like a Mack truck. Also... The horse taming mechanic in ARK was a blast (and kind of the only fun one). Wouldn't mind seeing a comeback on that.

Pigs - Right now are completely useless. Maybe make them be able to dig for stuff like sea salt or drop Prime Meat... also with tusks like that, maybe a buff to damage?

Rabbits - Need to do something other than look adorable (and they do). Maybe a speed buff?

Seagulls - Someone mentioned as a weather alert. I think that's brilliant. And, living in a harbor town, kind of true.

Bears - As mentioned, should really be tier 3.

Cows - Like others have said, making it rideable would help with moving it around. Have one of the stats increase milk production.

Chickens - There're pretty much fine, but a separate model for hens wouldn't be a horrible thing. Also, have one of the stats increase egg production.


And as a side, but still animal related:

Fishing is currently not working at all. The ARK system, which I assume it is based on, is... weird. I fish standing up. Nearly everyone else I know that fishes also fishes standing up. And nearly every game I have ever played you fish standing up (I actually can't recall one where you don't). Why do we need a chair? Didn't really mind the QEAYQUDA whatever system from ARK, but at least give us the same amount of materials we get from killing the fish and using a pick. Also... why sap? Can't say I've ever tried fishing with honey... or maple syrup. Maybe add craftable lures? Fiber, thatch, and fish or animal meat would be one that would make perfect sense.

Boat fishing would be awesome. Nets, sea poles, etc. attachable to your ship... Things like lobster pots would make claiming in the middle of the ocean something actually useful. Commercial fishing business? Oh, I would.

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Taming is the key to build everything faster, i can understand that everyone wishes for better farming
than doing it by hand. Ever build a larger ship by hand? I did, my brig took several days of collecting
without animal power and the gal with animals was ready to set sails within two days!!!

As it is a pirate game, fighting on the sea is a given, but most ppl hesitate because replacing ships
comes at heavy costs - using blueprints even more!!! Set aside the fight on land, animal powers itself
is outballanced and bringing them by ship is too easy if for fighting purpose.

Instead tuning them down there is also fixes needed to have them on ships, i would be absolutly fine
that you have to decide for what purpose you build a ship. Fight or cargo, it's natural that cargoships
have less space for cannons and animals have to stay put in transport boxes (less bugging around).

Expand your thinking instead reffing everything to bliss.


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Most tames are in a good spot right now. The only problem i have is with razortooths and shieldhorn. Even though they are the endgame taming content and really hard to get, the statline doesn't reflect that at all. They infact get less stat/level than a horse. Sorry but i don't see why that makes sense...

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REMOVE THE GALLION! It's a big over grown beaver! Every. F'in time we take it out we need to tame an elephant to feed it wood. 

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  1. Chicken - let eggs be more valuable.  Make them more drastically increase Vitamin A.
  2. Sheep - let them drop Mutton and let that act like the eggs described above.   Also, let their hide give a boost to cold weather gear, including a buff against wetness effect on cold.  This is how wool acts in real life.  Wool, in fact has the unique ability to keep you warm even when it's wet.
  3. Horse - Give slight increase to speed. This should be the Meta fighting scout  Give armored saddles, and weapons that are easy to use when fighting from the back of this mount.  Give a heavy armored saddle that cuts the speed to slightly under the current speed.  Add a lance that you can use from the back of this heavy mount, but also add in a collision/trampling damage when this horse crashes into an enemy infantry.
  4. Pig - Allow its poop to act like fertilizer.  Allow it to stack a bit, and not decay so fast.  What else would we use it for?  Everything gives meat, so its main purpose in real life is diminished.
  5. Bull - allow the horns to penetrate armor better, and do more damage.  Maybe also stun an enemy so that they fall to the ground, bleeding.  It should do more than just put blood in front of your eyes.  This should also be the meta for towing a cannon.  Create something like a combine for it to tow over growing food.  Doing so drastically increases food production.  Bull should be meta food gatherer with this.
  6. Cow - pretty good as it is, since milk gives medicinal effect.  Maybe increase that slightly.  Maybe change the meat of both the cow and bull to also have a small medicinal effect since beef is the safest meat to eat.  Maybe allow their meat to be eaten raw.  Allow it to also drop some prime meat.
  7. Fish - allow their meat to be eaten raw.  Sushi anyone?  Make all raw fish meat and beef give more health but this is offset as it decays faster than cooked meat.
  8. Rhino - Should be the Meta battering ram to knock down gates.  Allow for an armored saddle for the rider.  Rider can't shoot or fight from the back if using that saddle.
  9. Elephant - platform saddle with siege engine...catapult, Ballista, etc..  This should be the Meta Fighter, not the bear.  It should have much higher weight, health, and melee than current.  Stamina is OK, but the run speed should be increased some.  They aren't actually that slow in real life.
  10. Giraffe  - Without getting to ARK'd up, hard to say on this one.  Maybe add a rope ladder that allows the rider to climb up to the top of the head for sniping and scouting, and mining things too high for you to reach?  Maybe allow the rider to stand on the saddle?
  11. Lion - Allow pack buff.  I like that it pulls riders off the mount, but instead of the silly looking current version, let it pin the person on the ground.  Remove the superman jump ability, but buff health and melee.
  12. Wolf - Give pack buff.  Wolves, dogs in general have excellent hearing, so they should make excellent fighting scouts.  Maybe give them a similar ability to what the Troodon had?  Maybe give them the realistic role of sentry.  They sense the nearby presence of the enemy?
  13. Tiger - No pack bonus like the Lion, but should have sneak ability vs other animals.  Should counter the wolf enemy sense, but not be immune to it.  Only have this while being quite...walking slowly.  Running cancels the sneak buff.
  14. Bear - Should be Meta fish and honey gatherer.  Should attack you if you get too close.  ARK had that right. Should keep you warm when riding them in Tundra and Polar areas.
  15. Parrot - increase the cooling buff. Use for keeping babies cool.
  16. Penguin - increase heating buff.  Use for keeping babies warm.
  17. Monkey - no change
  18. Raven - no change
  19. Vulture - Allow it to see the quality of nearby animals.  In other words, it can tell the difference between the Alphas and the Omegas, the strong and the weak.
  20. Seagull - Act as a sort of radar at sea?
  21. Rabbit - add a "lucky" buff to items crafted.  Make this 4 decimal places, and use in anti-cheat to detect duped items.  No item should have the same stats, and lucky buff.  Can also have this same luck buff when tarot is added.
Edited by Captain Jack Shadow
Added highlight color to Rhino

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REMOVE THE GALLION! It's a big over grown beaver! Every. F'in time we take it out we need to tame an elephant to feed it wood. 

REMOVE THE GALLION! It's a big over grown beaver! Every. F'in time we take it out we need to tame an elephant to feed it wood. 

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We go somewhere and by the time we get somewhere we need an elephant to feed it wood. 

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I am sure it is to late to reply to this thread given that at 1400 you're maybe going to talk about it. 

Here it is anyway as short and sweet as possible.

The map is huge! Need to have more animals in areas specific, I have seen cobras in snow. Need things like a Kodiak bear meaner than the bear everone tames. So scary you see that bottom lip extend out as it roars and wolverines. These are a few of my favorite things. You did ask any new animals. It is a good game as it stands but same things all the time will get boring dynamism needs to shake it up. Keep animals that need heat in hot areas. Cool in the cold. 

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A bigger bestiary would be nice, you gave private servers airplanes, can't we have flying mounts? Griffons, Wyverns, Pegasus? How about taming elementals, ogres and yetis? What about turtles or something the moves on top of the water? How about elite tames that yield some sort of mystical creature, like in Dark and Light? Speaking of dark and light, taming was much more fun in that game, then in atlas. Not to mention dark and light had shape shifting, could be fun to turn into a lion, elephant, or a bear. (shapeshifting would help balance fighting against mounted combat) How about soul stones for tames to bring back our favorite tames from the dead?



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I'd change the turtle hissing sound so it doesn't make me think there's a gator behind me

Up the movement speed on chickens when they're following someone.

Monkey poop is cool but the projectile needs some kind of target locking/tracking or at least a slight pull towards the target. Mine always flies off into the distance against players.

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Posted (edited)

Bear: War mount, have it's own unique armor, be ride-able, be a HARD tame to get, but be a beast of a tame. A big brute that strikes fear into your enemies. Also, Gathers honey!
Chicken: When on wander, makes eggs
Cow: Not rideable, When on wander, produces milk
Bull: Not rideable, A cart mule, protects any cows when on wander, if they get attacked. make him tankier.
Crow: Messenger, can attach notes or bps and send them to players or desired areas.
Razortooth: Make it a temporary tame, which can only be used on Golden Age Ruins Islands, and not transportable on a boat. Has a roar that gives an attack damage buff when performed.
Shieldhorn: Make it a temporary tame, which can only be used on Golden Age Ruins Islands, and not transportable on a boat. Give it a powerful heal, and make its head like a very strong, natural shield, possibly.
Elephant: Allow it to dig for water, makes huge water spouts, and add a special saddle which allows War weaponry to be attached, Cannons, catapults, something.
Giant Pig: War mount possible, have it's own unique armor, cmon.. you wanna ride a pig into battle as much as I do! Has a charge ability that gores and bleeds. Better shovel, collects worms, and locates and collects veggies a lot better. (Like how they use pigs to search for truffles)
Giraffe: Not rideable, Make it a natural ladder possibly?
Horse: Can pull carts, have its own unique armor
Lion: Not rideable, They are war beasts, non-rideable, But can pin, grab, or possibly even maim (slow) players when struck) on a CD, of course
Monkey: Natural lock pick, or pickpocket
Ostrich: Rideable, Natural speed mount, maybe give their kick a big torpor hit, one or 2hKOing players, on a CD
Parrot: Music buff, makes music easier to play and amplifies the buff
Penguin: Natural insulation, I guess
Rabbit: Naturally breeds on wander, has tons of babies, which require no care, providing you with fresh stock of meat, daily.
Rhino: Natural war mount, Rideable, give it its own unique armor, can be used as a battering ram. damages stone, even.
Seagull: These things need a new sound, otherwise they should be shot and killed lolz most annoying sound in the game.
Tiger: Has a gash, slows and bleeds players or creatures. Not rideable
Sheep: Natural insulation, otherwise, fine.
Vulture: Meh
Wolf: Rideable, with it's own unique armor, Has a howl that increases attack damage and attack speed.
Turtle: A TURTLE MADE IT TO THE WATER!!!! But anyway, make it tameable, and carryable, make it look like a backpack on your back, and maybe provide armor?? or more weight?? Would be perty cute too 🙂

Point is, not everything in the game should be ride-able. Please don't turn this into another Ark game. This is a pirate game. Encourage more player pvp, and ship pvp, not creature pvp, but when someone does bring out a bear, or rhino or something, people should be like, OH CRAP! and focus resources to kill it. Make there be tactics in this game. Skill based, so on, so forth.
Make NPCs be able to gather on wander for you, work a smithy for you, cook for you, guard a base for you, and so on. Kind of like Conan did. But you have to train them in the areas you want them to work, pay them, with gold, food, OR housing, and so on so forth. The better you treat them, the more or better product they yield. Not just a leech when not sailing. 
I agree with a statement above, make there be cages or something you can build on a ship to turn animals into an item, it's a nice cosmetic, and it prevents them from falling off, and you having to get em out of the ocean.

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can we have an easier time taming, and have pigs did up root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, beets, turnips. and I know it not a tame but the hammer head flees like a chicken when you shoot it, most of the time never to be seen again.  Also we ne a Megalodon bigger at least as big as a schooner and 25%-50% spawn chance in every sector.  

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Variants of the Bears,  current bear would become a brown bear.

Polar Bear, in polar regions, larger and stronger than the current bear, Tier-3 saddle, but lousy collector, only collects fish, meat and leather.

Kodiak Bear, in tundra regions, larger and stronger than current, similar to polar bear, but cannot be tamed and aggressive, but short agro range.

Black Bear, in temperate regions, smaller than the current bear, Tier-2 saddle, week in combat, but better collector than brown bear.

Variants of Bull.

Water Buffalo, in Tropical Regions,  aggressive but tamable not ridable, but can carry more weight than bull.  Male and Female look similar, females are not milkable

Variant to Crocodile

Alligator, smaller than croc, spawns near fresh water.

Variant of Elephant

Mammoth, fur and spawns in Polar and Tundra regions,  Similar to Elephant in stats, but furry.

Other Cat.

Mountain Lion, Tundra and Temperate can climb steeper but barely carry a rider without armor.




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