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What the current game needs is for the players to get reputations., and for there to be an NPC Royal Navy (Police). Then for those players that like offline raiding and attacking targets that they are not in an official declared WAR with, they would get a worse reputation. If they are seen on the seas by the NPC royal Navy they will be attacked.

The Royal Navy should (like the Ships of the damned), come in various sized ships. But the Royal navy unlike the ships of the damned should only attack ships with players on that have a poor reputation. Therefore if the player with the bad reputation jumped overboard the Navy ship would target on the player with the poor reputation and not continue after the ship.

At the end of the day, why penalise the crew mates when maybe only one person has been raiding.

Obviously the worse the reputation the bigger the aggro range of the player, and the easier it is for the NPC royal Navy to detect.

Reputation should not reset when you die, but should only reset when you die of old age or fountain of youth regen. To regain your reputation, you should get a reputation increase for every game Month that you don't attack someone. The worse your reputation the longer it takes to get rid of it. This would force more official wars to be fought, and get rid of a lot of the offline raiding.

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In addition we could have Law enforcers walking around the Free ports. Which would then arrest or kill law breakers as detected.

If arrested, the criminal would  only be released by the Law enforcers on receipt of a substantial fine. The amount would be based on the level of their reputation.
Once the fine is paid they would lose  approx 50% of their reputation, and a 30 minute armistice would be granted, before the law enforcer would be allowed to recapture the assailant, giving them enough time to finish their business in Freeport, and leave the area.

Payment of the fine should be in person (i.e. a crew mate from the same company would have to physically attend a freeport Naval Office to make the payment). In the event that the perpetrator is a solo player, there should be the option to be released,and to bring the payment to the enforcers within a time limit (lets say 1 hour). Failure to make the payment will double the fine, and increase the negative reputation substantially.

You could also have a Law Enforcer on board the Royal Naval ships, that could arrest the assailant at sea, and take them to the nearest Freeport for detention, until the fine is paid.

This would greatly reduce the amount of offline raiding that occurred.

At all times the reputation of a player should be visible, as per the current char/company name.

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