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On 2/8/2019 at 3:11 PM, Captain Jack Shadow said:

So yeah, eventually tamed, but lost taming effectiveness.

The biggest problem I see from those images as that you are on the same level as the bear and trying to feed it. If you build ONLY your taming pen on foundations so that the floor of the pen is elevated above the ground, when you X to crawl you will be under their mouth where they can't bite you and you can still feed them.  That works for wolves and lions as well.

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This is a very poorly designed system. It's not fun. It's not creative. It's just plain bad. Try taming a giraffe. Can you hit you from about 20 yards away and at all angles at the moment. Even behind the shoulder I'm getting hit which the head doesn't appear to be swinging that way. Basically have to build a pen with about 10 beds to respawn and just keep trying to run in and feed it and keep dieing and respawning. 

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