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Snakes glitching into buildings

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So.. We have now lost a total of 1 Elephant, 2 Giraffes, 1 Rhino, 2 NPC's, 1 Large Storage with nice BP's, 2 Large Storage filled with various resources and a few offline players with the inventories full of goodies.. all because of snakes glitching into our buildings.. The animals has been killed by Cobras that crawls up to their building, getting "stuck" there with 1/3 of their body peeking through the walls able to attack, and when someone tries to kill it, the rest of the body goes into the building and the snake can wreck havoc as it want until it gets killed  (this is very fun with alphas).  Now, the Large Storage boxes, NPC's and the offline players.. those were killed by a rattlesnake.. that had spawned/glitched into a foundation, I logged on to see this carnage happen infront of my eyes.. I had to tear up a few foundations to find the rattlesnake to kill it..

The issues with snakes glitching into buildings are not new, in fact, this issue also existed in Ark (which Atlas is heavily built on mechanic-wise, right?).. So. any chance you guys could do a similiar fix to the snakes here as to the Titanboas in Ark so we can stop worrying about having snakes in our buildings when we are not around?

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Just wanted to add to this bug report.  Snakes will also get through windows into buildings.  We had to remove windows from our animal barn as well as add an extra layer of foundations around the barn for protection.  The biggest problem is when an Alpha Snake gets inside a building or strikes through the walls. 

We've had multiple players complain about issues with snakes including one that lost a whole barn full of animals. ☹️

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Is it possible  for Crocs to swpn inside of an enclosed space aswell cause pictured below is my barn were last night had 3 Elephants and a Rhino with the Razortooth and thismorning was just a razortooth62601c1677c3489b0bec0981f87286d6.jpg

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