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mod Atlas Plus Beta (1.1.3)

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AtlasPlus is a mod in which the vanilla objects and structures have been changed.

All Items and Structures can be PickUp

Mod includes :

  • Wood, Stone, Thatch Structures (All have more Health)
  • Stone Structures Have Old Crafting Costs
  • Bow and Arrows with Old and +Stats
  • Metal Hatchet, Pick and Sickle with more Durability
  • Glass Structures (Ceiling, Door, Roof, Walls)
  • Smithy, MortarAndPestle, Loom, Tannery, Forge (All Vanilla Items can be Craft Inside)
  • Food Larder, Preserving Bags, Feeding Trough with Higher Spoiling Time, Bigger Stacks
  • Lantern without Durability
  • WallHook
  • Large and Small StorageBox with More Slots
  • Grill with more Slots and without Meat an Fish Autocraft
  • CookingPot and Campfire
  • New Medium and XL Gates and Gateways in Wood and Stone
  • 4 Barrels for Alcohol (Beer, Met, Red Wine, Rum) and the Skill Brew Master (Snap on Vanilla Pipes)
  • Many New Recipes for Cooking
  • Fix for Gunpowder and Fertilizer Bug

Upcoming features :

  • Overhaul from Vanilla Ships
  • New Structures for Overhaul Vanilla Ships
  • New Wood Structures
  • Ship Wood Structures that can Place on Land
  • New Glass Structures (The old ones stay in the mod)
  • Many More
  • Bug correction

This mod is stackable.

If you like the mod then please vote on Steam.

Atlas Plus Beta (v1.1.3)

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