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Galleon internal ship build for PVPvE

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So I've watched/seen a lot of hours of content and personally while ingame. That while in battle in pvp that many are ill-equipped for dealing with raiders/borders went fighting naval battles they primarily build the ships defense for just the conflict between ships with out much consideration for melee combat.

People act/seem surprised or caught off guard when gliders fly onto their ships or people climb up their ladders.  

So this is just a generic build for internal defense on a Galleon - also the build for my battle-bridge which protects the person on the wheel from bombardment from Damned ships or other player ships. 

For those that don't need much explaining to understand - the 1st video is the time lapse version it will show you me building the galleon on my own server (replicating what we built on the official server just faster)

The 2nd videos is the exact same video and a lot longer however it will contain my ramblings as I explain the madness behind everything and why I build what I do where I do. 

The only thing I would note for the swivel cannon the Ideal ammo choice is Liquid fire because grapeshot takes too long to reload - The fire you can fire short bursts and do a lot of damage quickly to people that are attempting to rush your ship/bridge.


Hope it helps 



longer version


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