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The AtlasMapViewer works pretty nice together with the AtlasTerritoryMap.

I saw in the config and also on the website itself an nice feature, where I could execute some commands on the server via the MapViewer (look here the config: https://github.com/GrapeshotGames/AtlasMapViewer/blob/master/Src/config.json#L7).



I couldn't test it yet, but is this already working and how can I limit those commands only for certain users? I mean I didn't found any access control elements (e.g. username/password). Any information on this topic?

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We are also using that map viewer. However i did removed a lot of stuff from it. Since everyone can use the map (Link is in the Discord) as map. 
As for the commands, i can't really say. We just wanted a really nice map. Where you can see the location of claimed areas.
So i removed all the Beds/Ships/Spawning commands.  Example:

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It requires you to change some of the lines in mapviewer.js. (Not sure which ones exactly. it has been a while since i changed it)

I did add my mapviewer.js. 
So you only need to place it in the right folder. 



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