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Died for no reason, and unable to respawn after death.

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First time: I was climbing a little rock, as soon as I reached the top of it and got the blue line letting me jump to stable ground. Thats when my screen went black and I got the message (you are dead).
When I got to choose where to respawn it showed me a area I had'nt been to (O13 I was in L10). After I respawned at the base, my body was gone and so was my items I hade carried.

So I decided to teleport to another sector where It wanted me to respawn to (L14, we have a ship there.)

Second time: As soon as I pressed teleport to L14 and started loading, It just gave me the message (you are dead) again! and I only see the respawn map again showing me out on the ocean at L10.

Tried to respawn to O14 again. And this time it worked. But! Got killed (this time by my own stupidity to run in the arms of a hydra and wolfes).

But when I tried to respawn back to another location (M12) this time it told me a 2nd time that I was killed "again"? by a wolf! However it showes my death X at L10!


So a quick recap.

1, Died! Lost everything I was carrying. 2, died while respawning. 3, Respawned, died. 4, Died again while respawning.

Added two pic showing where I got killed while trying to spawn.

1st. Spawn to O14

2nd. Sawn to M12




Atlas 20190206144648_1.jpg

Atlas 20190206153812_1.jpg

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I had this exact same thing happen just now in C2 while I was climbing. Climbing up a small hill that I couldn't walk up and when I had my blue of the flat ground, as soon as I right clicked I instantly died. My ship was literally right beside where I died and I was able to respawn (though my bed showed a weird negative timer?) but there was no body or anything. 

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