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My feedback 2nd

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2nd round:

I found land!!! got my first base built up and all ... Yey!! But I feel like continuously fighting with snakes, I kill one and 3 new spawn beside. Is there a no spawn zone or timer? I think something should be reworked here. Is there be a turret defense system I do not know of? Would NPC or tames guard the land? I have not spam foundations on little plot to get resources spawn back but does it make a difference?

From the land - I am too stupid to find seeds ... need a competence for that even tough I know what a farm plot is... I just did some. Really the skill tree need a serious make over...

Soloed my first treasure for some greens and few gold and found out you need 2 types of same material to build green stuff that you cannot even equip without skill... Stupidly silly that you can craft something you cannot even use ... That whole skill tree is getting annoying and what you do at lvl51 when you need another skill? however material diversity looks like a good idea - forces you to travel.

Some mobs are really OP like cats. Cannot escape them whatever you do - too fast with jumps and pin down and massive damage... need to ease a bit here or have them drop pursuit on shorter distance. Players need to be OP to stay in a game - it is a game right?

Weapon swap - 10s to swap a bow to pike -Really, I mean really?!?! ... I would just throw the bow on the ground and grab my pike - 2s ... not 10!!!

Auto target is very bad ... mobs run through your char and you are locked on a target that is behind you... Remove that!!! And how mobs can charge through you on the first place...

Sea crates - it should not be possible to claim sea zone - remove that, make the buoy drift to shore somehow or decay - ships decay and they are not all the time in high seas.

Blue prints - WTF you give blue print that I cannot use. In Ark you compensated unlearned Engrams with blue prints but here I need to learn the skill to use a blue print ... Does not make sense. A blue print is to allow you to make something you would not know otherwise.

Ship damage - Have a mapped key that shows HP of each ship parts with some color code. So annoying after each storm or zombie encounter to go everywhere in the ship to check on damaged parts. I noticed the spy glass shows that but not practical... However the captain chest thingy is great idea, no need to have the materials in inventory.

Food system ... Again this needs to be overhauled completely. I found myself with no hunger but vitamins depleted ... Just have veggy and meaty bars, 4 vits + hunger + water is really not good.... not at all.

Compass - I guess I need to practice using the compass (in the game, I used some in RL) but this is not straight forward here. 

Map - Why did you think it would be a good idea to show my location with a red cross when the whole map is red with claimed land... Guys - talk to each other when designing or have a test team of some sort...

Else I am having fun although I am not sure where to go / what to do. Noticed the missing part on my compass but not sure what that is ... for now will get more green equipment and see from there.

That was my 2nd entry, will have more I guess

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I agree with all of these points and I have encountered everyone of them.  Except the part about claiming land I ended up going to the overcrowded coastline that is Lawless islands and built a base near the water, and squeezed a shipyard there. Thank you

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