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Koto Wolfir

Server connection over LAN (Windows & Linux)

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Hello great people of the ATLAS!


I'm working on setting up my 5x5 grid, and I need to use a SDN (ZeroTier in this case). It is a VPN Mesh network that encrypts and secures connection between servers and clients talking to eachother and functions basically like a LAN network. I have a 5x5 successfully running and started, and interacts with a redis instance.

Clients have established connection and can ping the server. Server shows up in steam browser and ingame server browser. When connection is attempted, the error message is "Unable to query server" or "Connection timeout". Any ideas?

UPDATE: With established conenction, I did nnot mean that they can connect to the ATLAS server, but that their connection with the server that hosts the ATLAS. No game connection.

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