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Lost Claim with Every Patch

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This is my First post here and maybe the last, i play since launch day, y log every day at night and play 1 or 2 hours.


There is a bug that is affected me on NA PVE server. Every time a new patch with change in the claim timer or something is deployed to the servers my claim time reset to zero or something and someone steal my claim in no time. With the last change from 3 day to 20 days i logout, go to sleep, download the patch and log in (maybe 12 or 14 hours?), when i log i was trapped in my own house and the territory claimed.

The rest of the story is already known, cant get back my claim, my stuff, my chest, weapons, etc. After a long time of chat the other company try to give me back the zone, but is imposible because of claim overlaps and closeness.

With the previos patch i have to search a new land for days or weeks...

Anyone experiment this bug? any solution? im very frustrated with this =(, i know is a "pirate game" but if i lose the claim with a bug its no the same if i lose it fighting in pvp or something related to game mechanic.


thanks for reading!








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I have the same... fucking patch. I all lost too...

And impossible to get a new claim to restart...

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Claims have a lot of bugs. I recommend in terms of timers and your base that you keep 1 NPC crew inside, remember larder and resource box for food and gold. That will always contest.


Overlapping flags are a mess of it´s own. Sea flags are known to be REALLY bad. But land flags can do the same when you do flag bombing with multiple corp members when you do a claim/steal.

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