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Server not synchron and other Problems

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Hey Guys,

we have some Problems on a unofficial 3x3 Server

  • we have lost a Ship (Hindenburg I) on C1, when we open the MAP with "i" and go to ATLAS i have this Screen https://prnt.sc/mfogff But when i go to a other MAP from this Cluster on C3 or other .. i have this Screen https://prnt.sc/mfogvb We have Lost the Ship.. why will this have a Entry on the Map? can we delete this? will this not delete correct when the Ship is destroyed?
  • Age on the Server is not synched .. iam on C1 73 Years .. on C3 99 Years and something .. what must i do to fix this?
  • We have some Ships they are build on C1 on this Server is all fine but when i go with the Ship on a other Server A1 or A3 or something .. than i can not spawn on this. but this is not for all ships. is this a Problem from the DataBase?

Thx for Help and Fixing


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