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Server wipe

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On 3/1/2019 at 7:32 AM, DannyUK said:

Exactly, that's one of the reason I'm glad they've dropped claim flags. They still exist but people will have to play PVP for fighting against flags now. I hope all the toxic players move over there.

See how it turns out, we'll not know until they test it, the only thing is the foundation spamming, I'm sure they will do something about this next if they haven't already


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I would be ok with how they have the flags on pvp being on pve minus the raid counter deal.. Also my biggest gripe about the wipe besides losing all of my stuff and work I had done solo.. Is as a we're sorry we get a shitty looking hat skin! I still call bullshit on that one I mean come on something better than that pos skin please.. lol I'd really rather have a ship head skin for my ships that would at least have value to most people.. I think it would at least..

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