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so last night before the most recent update i was lvl 54, age 35 with about 140 ish discovery points with 2 power stones, was gearing up to get my third one, after the update i was forced to spawn but all of my company beds were not showing up, tried a couple of freeports and still couldn't spawn, so i re-logged and that fixed my spawning issue but when i spawned i noticed i had the age 90 debuff, when i looked at my stats i was to lvl 50, with my max level of 52, 100 years old and had no power stones.it looks like my character rolled back about 2 weeks because i was the tamer for my company up to about 2 weeks ago and all my points right now back in the taming tree, is there anything you can do to restore my character data or is that progress gone?



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