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We provide real time player details for just about every Atlas Server. 

Servers are tracked every 5 minutes and we search for new Atlas servers every hour. 


Adding a server to our tracking network:       AtlasServerList.com/claimserver


Checking the status of your server:      AtlasServerList.com/server/xxxxxxxx:xxxxx  ( IP and Query port). If you're unsure what your query port is, try them both. If you're server is listed, you will see results. If it's not, we'll add it for you.


We love to support \ partner with the communities we're involved with. If you're a modder, content creator or shy person with hidden talent ( related to gaming lol ), feel free to contact us via our site and let us know how we could help. We sponsor over 61 servers across 3 game titles and we enjoy  playing the game along side you guys.






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There has been a request among the community to have a stand alone server manager for Atlas. We already started working on one and should have the beta up and running a week or so after New Years ( depending on how much has changed over that time frame ) which could delay it but we account for that.

This will be limited to users who have claimed their server on our site as we will assign your trackingID from our site to the Atlas Server Manager. This will be limited to about 200 users for the beta and once it's live it will be free for everyone. If you would like to be notified for the beta manager, you will need to have a claimed server on our site. Claiming a server just verifies you are the owner of that server. It's 3 easy steps and most of you know the drill and how it works. 

You guys have a good holiday and we'll keep you updated.

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