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Getting Started

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I've played for close to 400 hrs now(maybe more, haven't checked in awhile).  I've also started out quite a few times, 1 time with my main character on official PVE I am currently lvl 61 with a max of lvl 63.  A few unofficials and a few times on a private test server I have. I've also started out as a not so fresh character as Lvl 58 in a freeport just playing around seeing how the ramshackle sloops worked a week or so after they initially came out.

I saw a guide on this and figured an updated one with some skill information might be useful.

Freeport Selection

So this is rather important, If you are not used to this kind of game then stick to tropical/temperate areas to avoid having to deal with major heat/cooling issues that can cause you to die quickly.  Tundra / Desert freeports will have nearly constant temperature issues that make your time more difficult than it needs to be when just starting out.

L5 is a nice Temperate Freeport with most resources

M5 if memory serves is a nice Tropical Freeport(again with most resources).


Leveling Guide

Note: Important to remember, killing provides more EXP than gathering

Level 1 - Gather enough fiber until you level up(fiber is light so you can gather more than you need for the tools at level 2).

Level 2 - Gather enough stone/flint/wood/thatch to craft a stone pick and stone hatchet, once you have these tools gather materials to make a few spears(just enough to kill a small prey animal like a monkey).

Skills Obtained : The Basics and Tools of the Trade(Save the remaining points).

Level 3 - Craft your first bow(you should have the hide from the spear crafting before).

Sklls Obtained : Archery and Basics of the Bow (Save the remaining points).

Level 3 - 8: Kill everything.  If it is something that can kill you.  Use  terrain to help, get up on ledges or areas where things can't get to you.


This is what it will look like once you max your level to 8 in the freeport.  You will be able to get a few more things and even get a decent base ramshackle sloop built if you take the right skills.  But at the base xp gain rate this entire process should take you less than an hour(less than 30 minutes if you push hard and don't worry about the sloop until after you are lvl 8).

Before you leave the freeport this should be the minimum for your skills as this will let you build up to wood tier and make your own tools while giving you a weapon to fight off predators.


If you are in a small group you will be able to specialize later.

Level 8 - 11: Kill anything you can, gather what you need. 

Skills should look like this: https://atlascalculator.com/?ac_xSAb2Q 

From here on you can do 2 things that will net you XP in great amounts.

Alpha Hunting - Trap and kill any/all alpha creatures that you see, they provide greater amounts of materials for harvesting and tons of XP.  If you are solo the oil jar is almost necessary but if not a group of 4 can take down an alpha relatively quickly with just bows.

Treasure Hunting - This one can net you much more xp much faster the higher quality maps are absolutely fantastic for levels.  You can max level in just a few hours if you have a few close high quality maps.


Building Guide

Your goals should be to gather what you need to make the ramshackle sloop and about 100 wood/thatch/fiber for repairing it as you travel. 

The minimalist approach is to toss a fire and a storage box on and get out of the freeport.

For survival aspects I would place 2 fires, a smithy(can fit in front of the sail at the front),a large storage box(at the back by the ladder), and a half stairs leading below the main deck on.


Diplomacy Guide

Don't be a recluse.  Talk to people.  Not everyone is going to be a dick to you.  Make alliances they can help with any claims you end up having.  

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