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[Work Around] Ship Stuck Between Servers

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I had quite the adventure last night trying to get the ship out of the barrier between servers. After much troubleshooting, my partner and I discovered a method to debug the ship and free it from the void of Davy Jones Locker. Expect some time travel. I'll outline the steps below and some unexpected outcomes.

1 - You've been force logged out by the server with a timeout error message stating you are traveling between servers log in later. You're friends or self are cursing the game and telling you to get the ship back. Fear not! With this guide, you too, can be the hero. When you log back into the game, notate the zone it's trying to load you into. It will either be the server you came from or were going to. Remember this server.

Step 1 - Try to log into a new Atlas - Same Server - Freeport
Result - It fails to load you into the freeport but allows you to select a bed to spawn in.

Step 2 - I know you wanna click on that bed for the ship you were stuck on.. you can if you choose, but you may need to repeat this step later once you realize you just keep getting kicked. Click on your home base or nearest ship.
Result - This can be tricky as it sometimes forces you to continue to spawn at the stuck ship.

Step 2b - If you are having trouble spawning at base or another ship, log out. This puts you into a sleep state in game.

Step 3 - Once you've spawned at home or another ship it's time to make that journey to the zone mentioned above. The one that the game tries to load you into. That's where your ship is actually at. Our objective is to make the ship render. Once you approach the ship and it's name appears or it renders, relay that information to your Company. 

Result - The ship is no longer stuck and your company can spawn on it and continue the journey.

Step 4 - Time travel. IF you choose to fast travel to the ship you may actually spawn in with your inventory and armor that you had at the time of getting kicked. Immediately! put all your gear into a chest. If you are going to change servers on your trip again you will be teleported back to your base with nothing. This is important! 

In closing, I hope this helps!

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