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pve ETG Wiped 2/17 4x4/10xTame/2xXP&Gather/PvP&PvE

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ETG Wiped 2/17 4x4/10xTame/2xXP&Gather/PvP&PvE
Currently running a launch event with double rates!

Atlas Connect: steam://connect/
Discord Join Link found @ www.EnjoyTheGame.net
:map: MAP INFO
4x4 Custom Map started fresh on 2/17
PvPvE - Grid (B2) is PvP Zone with a 3x bonus
All Powerstones
Fountain of Youth
All island types, biomes and resources in a format that mimics the live server

:anchor: Rates

More skill points gained per level
2x XP
2x Gather
2x Gold
3x XP, Gather, Gold in PvP zone
2x Faster Crop Growth
2x Longer decay on dropped items and corpses
10x Tame
10x Baby Mature Rates
10x Longer Spoil Timer

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updated connect link
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We have re-launched our server, now a 4x4 map, with a fresh start for all. We are currently running a bonus week with double our normal rates! Join today to get a jump start on your company!

See the updated descriptions above.

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Fresh start event is still in place! Come take advantage of double our normal harvesting and Gold plus 10x XP until Tuesday!

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