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Firearm balance

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Good day to all

I would like to know the opinion of the community regarding the current balance of firearms.

My vision of the situation is as follows:

1. It is necessary to designate the accuracy of firearms, these are still smooth-bore rifles, and seeing sniping is unpleasant enough.

It is necessary to add an element of dispersion of ammunition to reduce the accuracy.
This measure will allow making a balance in the current weapons use system. For more logical thinking tactics of combat.

2. I would like to see the smoke, as the smooth-bore rifles used black powder. The same goes for cannon shots.

Of course, if this measure does not increase the load on the players' computers.

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I can agree on the lack of gunsmoke for sure on guns mortars and cannons. Also these are flintlocks, Most flintlocks have a noticeable delay from the time the flint strikes, flashes in the pan and ignites in the barrel. Percussion caps fire more reliable and quicker but came in the 1800s. Depending on the intended direction of the game "Pirates through the ages" or whatever it could be possible to switch from a flintlock to a percussion cap. Smokeless powder came even later. Same could be said for switching from roundball ammo to a bullet and eventually adding rifling. That said sniping was still a thing back then. The length of the barrel helped this to a degree which is why modern guns with rifling can be much shorter and still achieve better accuracy also some guns were better then others when produced by a gunsmith and these were selected for that purpose. But I do agree in general on the accuracy standpoint especially for the pistols. Could possibly have normal carbines be less accurate unless you have rifleman perks and then also give blueprinted guns up to mythic increased stats in those regards for aiming etc.

Also to note the caliber of muskets etc were much bigger as well. So they ought to pack a hell of a wallop when they do hit. Breaking bones when hitting pretty easy. I also agree on cannon shot. I think they should also remove the excessively visible trail of smoke behind mortars and cannonballs that tracks all the way to the target. A big plume on firing and then the explosion as they were moving fast.

Edit: One more thought... I think if you jump off a boat with a loaded gun and get to land you should have to reload your gun. Maybe I am being to nit picky but wet powder doesn't fire. This would make doing things like actually landing ashore or using a dinghy to stay dry barely useful, still would probably be faster to reload.

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