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quests Turn the discovery points at max level into quests

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Right now the discovery system you get at max level is not only an unfulfilling grind, it's also boring. Reducing the amount to level would be a simple and acceptable fix, however you could make it actually add content to the game.


Make it a series of quests. At max level you unlock a bunch of these, one for each biome.


Tundra discovery quest: Follow the clues to find maps to the discovery spots. Defeat the guardians at ten tundra locations. This would give you X amount of levels and upon completion +10% cold resist. Plus maybe a unique item or BP like a wheel mounted compass.

Desert: same but heat resist

Temperate: same but gathering or farming bonus


This would not only make it more fun, but add extra incentive to do it, without turning it into an endless grind of hopping on and off your ship.

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