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EU PVE Neutral Zone for Players

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As the Title says we are going to have some Neutral Zones in D11 on Milton Enclave where we want people to build some pretty stuff.

The Island itself got 2 different kinds of wood,Iron and a few Sap Trees, Fibers and 2 different kinds of Thatch aswell.

We got Horses cows pigs Wolves Lions cobras etc. on the Island.

As we are going to build a Town with Docks and stuff,we want ppl to build Houses and such. 

We dont want ugly Gate spam on our island aswell as Foundation spam.

The taxes will remain at 30% atm due to the huge costs of building a Town.

You will be able to use a public Taming pen,aswell as buy stuff from our Animal market and other stuff we are going to sell.

As most companies dont provide anything for the taxes they raise we try to keep the areas save from alphas and going to build Turrets with crew to keep the island save.

We got an animal Market where u can buy animals and there is space to Build your Shipyards and docks too.

There will be a part of a Forest which is going to remain as it is,so wood and Saps and Iron will keep spawning around the Areas u will be able to build.


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Nice idea but I think people need land to have a base, keep animals, build ships and grow crops more than another market area. What you are creating is already provided by Freeports.

With the new shops coming soon in a patch I think people will always prefer tax-free Freeports for trade and resource gathering.... and their own land to build on.

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