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It is virtually impossible to find a sweet spot when the animal you are taming continuously hits you.  It is impossible to tame some animals, like a giraffe, since every time you get close enough for the feeding spot, the giraffe then attacks you knocking you back. The most feedings I can get in on these creatures (giraffe, elephant, etc) is 3-6, then the creature starts attacking, and the taming percent falls so fast that I need to start over. 

Less attacks? Slower percentage loss so that one can get ahead and eventually tame?  I tried for an hour today, wasting a lot of beets.  The highest I got was 20-something %, then the animal started attacking every time I got near it. By the time it stopped,  the percentage would be zero again.

I understand the need for hardcore struggle, but making it impossible will just drive people away from playing out of frustration.  Needs balanced?

Also, issue with taming a horse. The run from you far too fast and long for taming.  There Is no way to get them in a pen to tame them and no way to tame them in the wild. Best you can hope for is set up a trap and wait until something worthwhile gets in it. There needs to be a different mechanic for taming creatures that run, including lions as they run more than they attack. 

Looking forward to a solution. Thank you.

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Agree. We are just a company of 5. All our points are spread thin so I'm the one that does the taming, while two others have enough points for just the riding stuff. But with the changes made it is freaking impossible to tame anything with these changes.  Even in armor, you can only hit so many times, and then if they bola in a janky spot you have to wait for it to get back up to try again. The timer just resets WAY to fast.

I spent 3 hours going through every stack of beats we had while mates were making bolas, arrows and bows to tame a lv30 giraffe and the best I could get was 40 some % tamed before it lost just far too much taming that it would not get any extra levels and wasn't worth continuing. All because I keep dying while trying to feed, and the time it takes to respawn on the boat, swim to sore, go to the taming pen we are using, try and grab my stuff, wait for the timer to tick down so I can USE said stuff and get back in to feed or to rebola the taming has already dropped rapidly. 


You just can't make any progress and going by what I go through no one else wants to spec into taming, plus if they did we lose out on the other skills we need, like armor or fire arms.

It's just so damn stupid. Stop making it harder and harder for us!


It's bad enough that we keep getting wilds spawning inside our enclosed animal pen that are then free to kill everything.

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