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Sea of Barrels and Notifications

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Am I the only one who is close to have had enough of the sea claim barrels and all the flag notifications where either the owner or some random person wants to tell us something completely irrelevant? The entire map is close to being red if not already. it´s bad enough on land, but at least there is something valid about it. On sea however it´s barrel after barrel, usually with 3-5 barrels in sight always.


I get it, sea claim and specially for the feb update is going to pay back in the bank. We are landlords(And sealords) ourselves, never harvest. Just let all the others do the work because we just got lucky. Born with a silver spoon (thank god for the unlimited resource box). However it is just getting stupid. All the 5000 flags per server with all it´s random player made flags that the client has to load each time it passes can´t be good either. Shoot a SOD? We take a cut, harvest from the seabed? We take a cut, found some floatsam? We take a cut. That part I like, but let´s be honest. At a time a patch note said it would remove sea claims and there was much rejoicing. Only to see the patch notes being changed again so they stayed. Feb patch will add teal colour to allies. But for the rest of the map your X is forever gone.

So despite how I hate it in my bank account. Can we please once and for all get rid of the sea claims and every single flag notification.

Not that either the claim system or lawless system even work to begin with...

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