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golden age ruins hostile spawn rates

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i suggest capping the mob count in golden age ruins. was going to the cave in O7 after a hard fought victory over a hydra. had my artifact key, pulled up near the cave area and lo hundreds of boats people had just abandoned made it impossible to get my ship to a spot i could drop anchor. That was not even the worst part. when i had finally swam close enough to shore for the mobs to render, there were 9 fire elementals about 40 or so gorgons, and i couldn't even count the lions. 

so my suggestions are: do something about the ship clutter, reduce the spawn count for hostiles, and have them spaced out way better, because it seemed like they were specifically congregating in the cave area. also as an asside please nerf the fire elementals. they do too much damage, are way too hard to kill, and have a ridiculously large aggro range

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