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Tired of Asian players

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This is the reaction I kinda see often, when not talking German despite having a German company name. Happened on lawless while we were out for discovery points and I was joking since the server kept crashing and us teleporting.

Not saying this is something happening every time. But it's noticeable. Not saying all Germans are like that ofc. There are super nice Germans everywhere. So it's not "The Chinese" or "The Russians" or whoever we wanna generalize. It's happening through all nationalities. 

Btw it says translated  "Talk german you son of a *****" 

Overall, try having a little more respect for each other. Not everyone speaks your language and you don't speak everyone's language. It happens. No reason to be angry about it. 


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I've had zero problem woth the so called box letters, I've made contact and even traded. Few even live close to me. Now that said to me it's some of the players that are English speaking that are rude. If I was called some of the things I've seen in chat I would sink you too. Maybe try hello. I'll stand up for anyone I see getting bullied. Don't matter where they are from.

But when a player just wants to enjoy the game and is being bullied because of race that is downright ignorant. And then have the nerve to ask for them to be kicked is a joke. I would love the ones saying the most inappropriate things to be kicked.


We all bleed RED.

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