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pvp POGGERS | 4x4 | All x10 | Better Stats | PvPvE/RP | MODS | Anti-Cheat Protection | Active Admins | DEDICATED SERVER !

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Server IP:

(Fresh Wipe 20/02)

  • 4x4 Cluster (full PvP + PvE)
  • Dedicated Server (High Performance + Low Ping, regardless of location (NA+EU Players)
  • Battle-Eye (active Anti-Cheat protection)
  • All Rates x10
  • Lowered Water + Vitamin drain
  • More stats per level up
  • Max ship-level 72!
  • All Power Stones + Ghostship + Center of Maw
  • Active Admins + Server Rules (look in discord for more infos)
  • Multiple new Mods (Custom Item Stacks, Automated Atlas, Jukebox, Tamable Alphas, Peachy Ship Decor, Peachy Atlas Decor, Peachy Atlas Furniture, eco's ATLAS Foliage... more are coming!)


Join us in Discord:


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Very stable server and friendly community and admin. Highly recommend this server to anyone who’s casual but still wants to do some pvp.

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