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OK not sure if this is posted already or even possible but hear me out. A server manager that shuts down grids not in use that way you can have a huge map on your local machine and still be able to play with just you or a few friends. Now this idea becomes less effective the more people you have. 

Basically have it set up that once all the grids are loaded they get put in "hibernation" (like suspended in ram or a paging file) and they stay that way until the server manager "pings" that grid which would bring it out of "hibernation" (the paging file) and resume the grid like normal. Now for example say you select a free port to spawn on, well when you click spawn the server manager would ping that grid and wake it up for you to use. Another example could be that once a player gets close to one or 2 grid walls then the server manager pings those grids and wakes them up so they are ready for you to pass over them by the time you get to the wall. And when the server sees that a gird is empty and no players are around it then it can close those grids. And the same situation could work for sleeping. Once you log out it checks the grid and surrounding grids and if all is good it will hibernate until needed.

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