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Rhino Wanted

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Okay, I THINK that this is a bug because I can't see why else it would have happened.  Myself and my Company have managed on 2 separate occasions over a weeks time to tame 3 different Rhinos and transport them back to the base at C-11 on the NA-PvE server.  Both times after taming the Rhinos I've come back the next day to find the rhinos missing and the Company Log reporting that they had been "Killed" with not notice of by what.


In both cases the rhinos were safely stowed away in my animal pen along with an Elephant, Horse, 3 Bears, 3 Cows, and 4 Chickens.  Nothing else has had an issues like this and none of the other animals have been touched, so it's not like something got in and attacked them.  There is also a feeding trough in the pen stocked with Berries, Onions, Beans, and Carrots.  So it's not like they starved to death, which leads me into thinking that the rhinos for some reason have a tendency to want to glitch through that part of the map.

cheat TP C11 171214 219123 170

Can someone look into that location and see if there is some sort of hidden "hole" in the code that is cause the rhinos to be deleted?  I kind of don't want to get another rhino again for fear that something will happen to it like the last three.

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